Meet the Trailblazers: 15 Financial Services Startups Putting British Columbia on the Map

British Columbia, Canada, is a thriving hub for financial services startups that are revolutionizing the industry with their groundbreaking ideas and solutions. In this article, we will delve into 15 remarkable startups based in British Columbia that are driving innovation in various sectors of the financial services landscape. From e-commerce and insurtech to fintech and real estate, these companies are reshaping the way we approach and experience financial services. Let’s explore their pioneering work and discover the future of finance in British Columbia.


Wecommerce, led by founders Chris Sparling, is making waves in the business development and e-commerce space. The company specializes in starting, acquiring, and investing in top Shopify businesses, enabling entrepreneurs to scale their online ventures efficiently.

Goose Insurance Services

Goose Insurance Services, founded by Dejan Mirkovic, is an insurance platform with a mobile-first approach. The company leverages technology to provide seamless and user-friendly insurance solutions, making it easier for consumers to protect themselves and their assets., spearheaded by Sean Merat, Sohrab Merat, and Vahid Mirjalili, is an insurance claims monitoring platform. By utilizing advanced data analysis and fraud detection technologies, detects non-eligible claims through evidence and facts, ensuring transparency and accuracy in insurance processes.


Payday, founded by Favour Ori, offers a fintech platform that caters to global payment solutions. With services such as virtual Mastercards and streamlined foreign employee payments, Payday simplifies cross-border transactions and empowers businesses in the digital economy.

Fintel Connect

Fintel Connect, founded by Nicky Senyard, is a marketing and data specialist company focused on driving growth and innovation in the financial services space. The company utilizes cutting-edge advertising and marketing strategies to help businesses flourish in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

Blossom Social

Blossom Social, led by Brandon Beavis and Kartik Bhutani, is a social network designed to assist retail investors in making better investment decisions. By fostering a community-driven environment, Blossom Social empowers individuals with the knowledge and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of the financial markets.


Hubly, co-founded by Louis Retief, Oban MacTavish, and Ron Gorodetsky, is a company dedicated to building technology that powers the future of financial advice. With innovative fintech solutions, Hubly enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of financial advisors, enabling them to provide tailored and personalized services to their clients.


Fraction, founded by Hayden James, Josh Baker, and Rayan Rafay, is a technology-based lending platform focused on making residential real estate more affordable, flexible, and liquid. By leveraging cutting-edge financial technology, Fraction offers innovative lending solutions that help individuals and families achieve their real estate aspirations.

iComply Investor Services Inc.

iComply Investor Services Inc., founded by Matt Masiar, Matthew Unger, and Qayyum Rajan, is an award-winning software company that aims to reduce regulatory friction in financial markets. With its comprehensive identity management and information services, iComply empowers businesses to navigate complex compliance requirements seamlessly.

MeetAmi Innovations

MeetAmi Innovations is a fintech company dedicated to helping wealth management firms navigate the world of digital assets. With their expertise in finance and fintech, MeetAmi Innovations enables investment professionals to adapt to the evolving landscape of digital assets and capitalize on new opportunities.


Bree, founded by Adam Kang and Alexander Li, is on a mission to build a challenger bank for the millions of Canadians living paycheck to paycheck. Starting with interest-free cash advances, Bree aims to provide accessible and inclusive banking services to underserved communities.

Parvis Invest

Parvis Invest is a direct-to-investor and technology-driven real estate investing platform founded by Drew Green. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Parvis Invest offers individuals opportunities to invest in real estate projects directly, democratizing access to the world of real estate investing.


Pocketed, founded by Aria Hahn and Brianna Blaney, offers a platform that simplifies the process of finding and applying for grants and tax credits for businesses. By streamlining the financial services application process, Pocketed empowers businesses to access crucial funding opportunities more efficiently.

International Deal Gateway

International Deal Gateway, founded by Dean Lindal, Elizabeth Priestman, and Jordan Trimble, is a private online global deal community exclusively for exceptional entrepreneurs, investors, and family offices. By providing a secure and collaborative platform, International Deal Gateway facilitates meaningful connections and accelerates deal-making in various industries.


Hiive, founded by Prab Rattan, Sarah Huggins, and Sim Desai, is the marketplace for private stock. Leveraging innovative financial technology, Hiive connects buyers and sellers of private stock, providing a transparent and efficient platform for private market transactions.


These 15 financial services startups based in British Columbia, Canada, are driving innovation and shaping the future of finance. With their disruptive ideas, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering dedication, they are transforming the way we access and interact with financial services. From e-commerce and insurtech to lending and real estate, these startups are pushing boundaries, enhancing efficiency, and revolutionizing the financial landscape. Keep an eye on these remarkable companies as they continue to lead the charge in creating a brighter and more accessible financial future for all.

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