Ontario’s Startup Revolution: Get Ready to Meet the 15 Information Services Innovators

Igniting Innovation and Efficiency through Information Services Startups.

Ontario, Canada, is a hotbed of technological advancements, fostering an ecosystem of startups that are reshaping industries through cutting-edge information services solutions. These startups, driven by visionary founders, are leveraging technology to transform healthcare, finance, communications, and various other sectors. In this article, we will explore and showcase 15 noteworthy information services startups in Ontario that are pushing boundaries and revolutionizing the way we live, work, and connect.

Xandar Kardian: Pioneering Radar Signal Processing Solutions

Xandar Kardian stands as a global leader and pioneer in radar signal processing solutions for smart building and remote healthcare applications. By combining their expertise in health care, home health care, and information and communications technology (ICT), Xandar Kardian develops innovative solutions that enhance the safety and well-being of individuals. Their radar-based technology enables non-intrusive monitoring, promoting early detection and timely intervention.

Deskree: Empowering App Development with No-Code Back-End

Deskree provides a game-changing solution for app developers with its no-code back-end platform. In under 10 minutes, developers can build robust back-end systems for any application, eliminating the need for complex coding. By simplifying the development process, Deskree empowers developers to focus on building outstanding user experiences and accelerating the app development lifecycle.

StockPick: The Social Network for Investors

StockPick brings together a vibrant community of investors through its video-sharing app and social network. This platform enables investors to share insights, strategies, and market trends in an engaging and interactive manner. By fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing, StockPick empowers individuals to make more informed investment decisions.

Suborbital: Web Services Redefined with Cloud-Native WebAssembly

Suborbital leverages Atmo to create web services in an entirely new way by harnessing the capabilities of cloud-native WebAssembly. Their groundbreaking approach to web design and development enables the creation of efficient and scalable web applications. Suborbital is at the forefront of transforming the information services landscape with its innovative solutions.

VeriFast: Simplifying Verification Processes for Businesses

VeriFast is a one-stop shop for businesses, candidates, and developers seeking efficient verification services. Through their platform, VeriFast streamlines the verification process, ensuring accuracy, reliability, and convenience. Whether it’s background checks, professional verifications, or developer credentials, VeriFast provides a trusted and efficient solution.

Crescendo: Empowering Learning and Development with AI

Crescendo revolutionizes learning and development (L&D) experiences with its AI-powered microlearning platform. By delivering personalized content and intelligent analytics, Crescendo empowers organizations to foster continuous learning and skill development among their workforce. Their cutting-edge technology enhances employee engagement and boosts overall productivity.

Longan Vision Corp: Augmented Reality for First Responders

Longan Vision Corp has developed an augmented reality (AR) solution tailored specifically for first responders operating in dangerous environments. Their AR technology equips responders with real-time information, enhancing situational awareness and enabling effective decision-making. Longan Vision Corp is at the forefront of leveraging AR to improve public safety.

Pipeline Signals Inc.: Relationship Signal Intelligence Monitoring

Pipeline Signals Inc. offers relationship signal intelligence monitoring for account-based sales. By integrating seamlessly with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, their software provides valuable insights and automates lead generation and management. Pipeline Signals Inc. empowers businesses with actionable data to optimize their sales strategies.

Clew: Streamlining Work Apps with a Unified File System

Clew simplifies work app management by providing a unified file system for all apps. Their platform streamlines document storage, collaboration, and accessibility, enhancing productivity and reducing information silos. Clew enables organizations to effortlessly manage and organize their work files across various applications.

Intelight: Revolutionizing IoT with Software and Hardware Solutions

Intelight pioneers IoT software and hardware solutions by leveraging LED technology, adaptive control, and integrated communication. Their innovative approach to IoT enables seamless connectivity and control of devices, unlocking new possibilities for automation, energy efficiency, and smart city initiatives.

MoviWear: Remote Health Monitoring Solutions

MoviWear offers 24/7 remote health monitoring solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Their platform enables healthcare professionals to remotely monitor patients’ vital signs and health conditions, ensuring timely interventions and proactive care. MoviWear is transforming the healthcare industry by providing scalable and cost-effective remote monitoring solutions.

Quantropi: Quantum Secure Communications Services

Quantropi provides quantum secure communications services, ensuring robust data protection and privacy. Leveraging cutting-edge quantum technologies, Quantropi offers secure communication channels that are immune to hacking and eavesdropping. Their solutions redefine network security in an era of increasing digital threats.

Atlys Networks: Empowering Mobile Applications

Atlys Networks is a leading mobile application platform that empowers businesses with comprehensive mobile solutions. Their platform integrates business intelligence, data storage, and database management, enabling the development of feature-rich and highly scalable mobile applications. Atlys Networks helps organizations harness the power of mobile technology to drive growth and success.

Wingmate: Empowering Sales and Service Solutions

Wingmate provides powerful sales and service solutions for commercial service businesses with field teams. Their software streamlines customer engagement, lead management, and service workflows, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Wingmate empowers businesses to optimize their sales and service processes, driving revenue growth and operational excellence.

Jetdocs: Collaborative Ticketing Workflows for Internal Teams

Jetdocs offers collaborative ticketing workflows for internal teams, simplifying communication, task management, and issue resolution. Their software enhances team collaboration, enabling seamless coordination and efficient workflow management. Jetdocs streamlines internal operations, promoting productivity and fostering effective teamwork.


Ontario’s information services startups are revolutionizing industries with their innovative solutions. From health care and finance to communications and beyond, these startups are reshaping the way we live, work, and connect. By harnessing the power of technology, they are driving efficiency, empowering individuals, and transforming traditional practices. Ontario’s startup ecosystem continues to thrive, nurturing these groundbreaking ventures and propelling the province towards a future of innovation and growth.

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