Prescribing Innovation: 15 Ontario Startups Reshaping Pharma’s Future

Unveiling the Trailblazing Ventures Transforming Ontario's Pharmaceutical Landscape.

Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, is not only renowned for its stunning landscapes and vibrant cities but also for fostering a burgeoning ecosystem of pharmaceutical startups. These startups are propelling the province’s pharmaceutical and healthcare industries forward with groundbreaking innovations and cutting-edge technologies. In this article, we delve into the world of Ontario’s most intriguing pharmaceutical startups that are revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare, therapeutics, and more.

Cybin: Transforming Mental Healthcare

At the intersection of biotechnology, health care, and pharmaceuticals lies Cybin. This life sciences company has a compelling mission—to advance psychedelic therapeutics and revolutionize mental healthcare. Founded by Eric So, John Kanakis, and Paul Glavine, Cybin is dedicated to unlocking the potential of psychedelic compounds to treat various mental health conditions. With a vision that reaches beyond conventional approaches, Cybin is charting a new course for mental wellness.

Basetwo AI: Optimizing Manufacturing Processes

Basetwo AI stands as a beacon in the realm of industrial automation and manufacturing. Founded by Kiefer Eaton, Tawfeeq Abdul Gaffoor, and Thamjeeth Abdul Gaffoor, the startup offers a predictive analytics software platform that aids manufacturers in optimizing production processes. By harnessing the power of AI and data analysis, Basetwo AI helps businesses enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and streamline operations, making a significant impact in the pharmaceutical sector. Reshaping Pharmacy Services is rewriting the rules of pharmacy services through its virtual platform. Founded by Karim Nassar, the startup provides a seamless and convenient way for individuals to access medications and healthcare services online. With the ability to consult healthcare professionals virtually and have prescriptions delivered straight to their doors, is revolutionizing the pharmaceutical landscape and bringing pharmacy services to the digital age.

Membio: Pioneering Cell and Gene Therapy

Membio is a trailblazing startup in the advanced materials, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sectors. Founded by Andrew Pundsack, Ashley Keefner, and Shane Kilpatrick, Membio is developing a plug-and-play platform for cell and gene therapy manufacturing. This innovative approach holds the potential to transform the field, enabling more efficient and scalable production of these revolutionary therapies.

QurCan Therapeutics Inc.: Nanoparticles for Next-Gen Therapies

Formerly known as Nanology Labs, QurCan Therapeutics is dedicated to developing next-generation nanoparticles for gene and chemotherapy. Founded by Mohammad Ali Amini and Shirley Wu, the biotech company is at the forefront of nanotechnology’s application in medicine. With a focus on enhancing the effectiveness and precision of therapeutic delivery, QurCan Therapeutics is redefining the possibilities of treatment strategies.

ShiftPosts: Bridging Healthcare Staffing

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, ShiftPosts has emerged as a critical bridge between healthcare providers and skilled shift workers. Founded by Bartek Jach, David Beynon, and Elizabeth Cooper, ShiftPosts offers an on-demand platform that connects healthcare institutions with qualified shift workers. This startup’s innovative approach helps address staffing challenges and ensures seamless patient care.

Satellos Bioscience: A Regenerative Future

Satellos Bioscience is on a mission to transform healthcare through regenerative medicine. Founded by Frank Gleeson and Michael Rudnicki, the company operates as a private regenerative medicine entity. With a focus on harnessing the body’s natural regenerative capabilities, Satellos Bioscience is pioneering treatments that hold promise for a wide range of medical conditions.

Damona Pharmaceuticals: Targeting Cognitive Deficits

Damona Pharmaceuticals stands at the forefront of pre-clinical pharmaceutical research, with a particular focus on treating and preventing cognitive deficits. While specific founder information is not available, the startup’s commitment to advancing treatments for cognitive health is evident. Through innovative approaches, Damona Pharmaceuticals seeks to address a critical aspect of overall well-being.

Launchit Ventures: Incubating Healthtech Innovation

Launchit Ventures is not just a startup but a venture studio focused on healthtech innovation. Founded by Jamie Harsevoort, the studio aims to improve well-being through the creation of new healthtech ventures. With a broad focus spanning electronic health records, medical devices, and more, Launchit Ventures plays a pivotal role in nurturing and launching groundbreaking healthcare solutions.

PharmaTher: Exploring Psychedelic Pharmaceuticals

PharmaTher is a specialty life sciences company with a unique focus on the research and development of psychedelic pharmaceuticals. Founded by Fabio Chianelli, the company is at the forefront of exploring the therapeutic potential of psychedelic compounds. By pushing the boundaries of traditional pharmaceutical approaches, PharmaTher aims to create transformative treatments for mental health conditions.

Inolife Sciences: Pioneering Medical Devices

Inolife Sciences is an emerging player in the specialty medical device sector. While specific founder information is not available, the startup is driven by ambition and innovation. With a focus on biotechnology and medical devices, Inolife Sciences is contributing to advancements in medical technology that can reshape patient care and treatment outcomes.

Mountain Valley MD: Elevating Medicinal Cannabis

Mountain Valley MD is a key player in the cannabis and pharmaceutical industries. Founded by Evan Clifford and Jeffrey Dignard, the startup produces, manufactures, and globally distributes premium quality medicinal cannabis. With an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation, Mountain Valley MD is shaping the future of medicinal cannabis products.

MPX Bioceutical: Leading in Medical Marijuana

MPX Bioceutical Corporation has positioned itself as a leading commercial producer of medical marijuana and pharma-grade products. Founded by BETH STAVOLA, RANDALL STAFFORD, and Scott Boyes, the startup is pioneering the integration of cannabis into medical and pharmaceutical applications. This forward-thinking approach has the potential to redefine medical treatments and patient outcomes.

Mazlite: Revolutionizing IoT for Industry

Mazlite is driving innovation in various industries, including agriculture, automotive, and pharmaceuticals, through its Industrial IoT platform for spray monitoring and digitization. Founded by Amirreza Amighi and Cameron Dallas, the startup’s advanced technology is transforming the way industries monitor and optimize processes, creating more sustainable and efficient practices.

Altis Labs: Empowering Clinical Trials with AI

Altis Labs is a frontrunner in utilizing artificial intelligence and computational imaging to streamline clinical trials in the life sciences sector. Founded by Felix Baldauf-Lenschen, the startup’s computational imaging software platform is revolutionizing the clinical trial process. By accelerating trial timelines and improving success rates, Altis Labs is playing a pivotal role in advancing pharmaceutical research and development.


Ontario’s pharmaceutical startup scene is a testament to the province’s commitment to innovation and progress in healthcare. From companies redefining mental health treatment to those revolutionizing manufacturing processes and advancing medical technologies, these startups are driving transformative changes that have the potential to improve lives and shape the future of healthcare. As these ventures continue to evolve and make their mark, they contribute to a brighter, healthier tomorrow for Ontario and beyond.

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