Quebec’s Mobile Startup Marvels: 15 Companies Taking the World by Storm

A Thriving Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Quebec, Canada, has long been renowned for its rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and friendly locals. But beyond its picturesque charm, the province is emerging as a hotbed of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, especially in the mobile technology sector. Today, we shine a spotlight on 15 fascinating mobile startups that are reshaping industries, transforming experiences, and leaving their mark on the global market.

PreVu3D: Redefining Spatial Experiences

PreVu3D® is a Montreal-based startup that is revolutionizing the way we interact with physical spaces. Combining cutting-edge 3D technology with mobile software, PreVu3D allows users to immerse themselves in realistic virtual environments, empowering architects, real estate professionals, and interior designers to showcase their visions like never before.

CONTXTFUL Technologies: Unraveling the Contextual Insights

With an array of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, CONTXTFUL Technologies provides invaluable business intelligence by analyzing the context of digital audiences. Their solutions optimize advertising strategies, enhance viewability, and unlock new dimensions of understanding, making them a trailblazer in the advertising industry.

Leav: Pioneering the Future of Retail

Leav, a Montreal-based retail technology company, is on a mission to transform the retail landscape. Through their store automation platform, they streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and facilitate mobile payments, propelling retailers into the future of seamless shopping.

Nook: Redefining Mobile Collaboration

Nook brings a fresh perspective to mobile collaboration with their intuitive mobile calendar and collaboration application. Designed to enhance productivity and streamline communication, Nook empowers teams to work together seamlessly and efficiently, no matter where they are.

TherAppX: Simplifying Healthcare Access

TherAppX aims to simplify access to curated health software for patients through their healthcare ecosystem. By bridging the gap between healthcare organizations and wellness applications, they revolutionize patient care, therapeutic access, and wellness management.

Timechain: Empowering DeFi Users

Timechain’s all-in-one DeFi DEX ecosystem spans across BSC and ETH, providing users with access to the best swap rates and liquidity. Powered by advanced algorithms, Timechain ensures a seamless and efficient decentralized trading experience.

Cobalt Intelligence: Ensuring Collaborative Safety

Cobalt Intelligence offers a collaborative app that fosters safety within businesses and communities. Their comprehensive approach to security, built on mobile and cloud computing, makes them a trailblazer in the field.

Rise Financial: A Corporate Card for Savings

Rise Financial has created a corporate card tailored to promote savings. Their innovative financial solution enables businesses to manage expenses effectively while encouraging a culture of savings within the corporate environment.

Grolift: Revolutionizing Grocery E-Commerce

Grolift has taken the grocery shopping experience to the next level with its innovative mobile app and fleet management solution. By streamlining grocery delivery services, they cater to the needs of modern consumers and enhance the overall shopping experience.

AceBy, Inc.: Bridging Freelancers and Customers

AceBy is a mobile app that seamlessly connects customers with local professionals for freelance work. Their platform empowers freelancers to showcase their skills while helping customers find the right talent for their projects.

Tote: The AI-Powered Apparel Marketplace

Tote brings artificial intelligence to the world of fashion with its mobile apparel marketplace. By curating clothing from various brands, Tote helps shoppers discover their perfect style effortlessly.

We3: Redefining Friendships with Technology

We3’s smart Tinder for friends discreetly matches groups of three, fostering new friendships and connections. By leveraging location-based services, We3 takes the art of social networking to a whole new level.

Nurau: Empowering Well-Being Through Social Media

Nurau’s social media platform is designed to improve the well-being of its users. By prioritizing mental health and positive interactions, Nurau is reshaping the social media landscape for the better.

Hypixel Studio: Gaming and Social Media Convergence

Hypixel Studio is a pioneering game development company that explores the intersection of gaming and social media. Their first open-world concept game, Hytale, promises to captivate players worldwide.

Cano Company: Eliminating Single-Use Packaging

Cano Company offers a turnkey solution that helps food retailers eliminate single-use packaging, reduce costs, and boost customer loyalty. By marrying sustainability and technology, Cano Company sets a high standard for the future of food retail.


Quebec’s mobile startup scene is flourishing, with visionary entrepreneurs and innovative technologies driving the province’s growth in various industries. These 15 startups are just a glimpse of the exceptional talent and groundbreaking ideas emerging from the region. As Quebec continues to nurture and support its startup ecosystem, we can expect to witness even more exciting developments that will leave a lasting impact on the world stage. The future of mobile technology in Quebec, Canada, is indeed bright and full of promise.

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