Revolutionary B2B Ventures: 15 Ontario Startups Taking Center Stage!

Ontario, Canada, is home to a vibrant startup ecosystem, with numerous B2B ventures making significant strides in various industries. These innovative companies are changing the way businesses operate, enhancing productivity, and providing solutions to complex challenges. In this article, we will showcase and delve into 15 interesting B2B startups in Ontario, each contributing to the region’s entrepreneurial landscape.


TRADE X offers dealers an interactive global automotive trading platform. Leveraging technology, TRADE X simplifies the process of buying and selling vehicles for dealers worldwide. With a focus on the automotive industry, this B2B marketplace is creating new opportunities for dealers and fostering international trade partnerships.


Haloo, also known as Heirlume, aims to revolutionize trademarking by providing a faster, more accurate, and affordable process. Utilizing blockchain and cryptocurrency, Haloo’s enterprise software simplifies trademark management, ensuring businesses protect their intellectual property with ease and efficiency.

MedMe Health

MedMe Health is a patient care platform designed to help pharmacists schedule, conduct, and track clinical services effectively. With a focus on health care, this B2B startup is streamlining patient care and improving outcomes for pharmacies and healthcare providers.


Wavy is dedicated to creating amazing company culture, irrespective of the location of team members. Through its human resources and information technology solutions, Wavy empowers businesses to build a strong and connected workforce.


Formaloo allows businesses to build custom apps without the need for coding. As a B2B platform, Formaloo caters to collaboration, consumer research, and mobile app development, offering a versatile suite of tools for businesses in various industries.


Peekage is a B2B insight technology platform that generates proprietary consumer insights through targeted at-home product trials. Retailers and enterprises can leverage Peekage’s data-driven approach to make informed decisions and optimize their product offerings.


WealthAgile is an AI-driven smart crypto platform tailored for investors. With a focus on finance and fintech, this B2B startup uses machine learning and software analytics to enable smarter investment decisions in the cryptocurrency market.


TeamGram provides sales tech solutions for construction industry suppliers. With its CRM and SaaS offerings, TeamGram helps construction businesses manage their sales processes efficiently, facilitating growth and better customer relationships.


Quadshift focuses on acquiring and building software companies in niche vertical markets, providing B2B SaaS solutions to thousands of businesses. Their expertise in e-commerce and SaaS makes them a valuable player in the Ontario startup scene.


Pactima offers an all-in-one eSignatures platform designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses. As a B2B service, Pactima enables efficient document management and secure transaction processes for businesses of all sizes.

Trust Chain Global

Trust Chain Global is a B2B platform facilitating secure payment and transaction processing in the virtual currency landscape. Leveraging blockchain technology, Trust Chain Global brings innovation to the financial services industry.


Goodkind focuses on video messaging for B2C sales, bridging the communication gap between businesses and consumers. Through their video-based approach, Goodkind empowers businesses to create engaging and personalized sales experiences.


TRACKiTT is the App Store for manufacturing, providing industrial automation and predictive analytics solutions. Their B2B software optimizes factory digitization, enhancing productivity and efficiency in manufacturing processes. is a smart shipping partner for e-commerce businesses. With their B2B logistics and supply chain management software, streamlines shipping processes, enabling businesses to meet customer demands effectively.


Cloutdesk serves as the infrastructure layer for creator marketing, empowering businesses to collaborate with content creators for effective advertising and social media marketing campaigns. This B2B startup is shaping the influencer marketing landscape in Ontario.


Ontario’s B2B startup scene is thriving, driven by a diverse range of innovative ventures. From automotive trading platforms to eSignatures and crypto investment solutions, these startups are contributing to the region’s economic growth and technological advancement. As they continue to evolve and disrupt traditional industries, these 15 startups showcase the immense potential of Ontario’s entrepreneurial spirit. Their stories inspire and motivate others to embark on their own journeys of innovation and success.

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