Revolutionizing Wellness: Who are Alberta’s Key Players in 2023?

Canada’s Alberta region has been garnering attention due to its growing wellness startup ecosystem. These ventures focus on offering innovative solutions in the wellness sector spanning industries like career planning, beauty, e-commerce, health care, neuroscience, and more. Let us delve into what these startups are offering and the founders behind these promising endeavors.

Whether they are helping people manage career transitions, book beauty appointments online, or offer treatments for chronic pain and mental health, these startups are temporarily pushing the boundaries of wellness solutions. These companies also focus on transforming the rural healthcare system, gamifying mental health for children, and providing ecosystem in the cannabis industry.

From providing remote-controlled telepresence robots for concierge services to offering biotechnological solutions to combat germs, these startups seem to be playing a pivotal role in setting new wellness standards within the region. Here is a closer look at these fascinating startups and their offerings.

Buoyancy Works

Founded by Jon MacConnell, Buoyancy Works provides tools to support and manage career transitions. They leverage technology and behavioural science within industries like Career Planning, Education, Mobile, Personal Health, and Wellness.


Beautster is a unique online platform for booking beauty appointments. Founders Ray Taghavi and Sina Jalali aim to take the beauty, wellness, e-commerce and internet marketplace to new heights.


Founded by Heesoo Cho, SABI Mind offers a comprehensive chronic pain management and mental health treatment system. Their unconventional approach of utilising psychedelic-assisted therapies makes them stand out in the Health Care and Wellness industry.


PsiloTec started by Dr. Peter Silverstone provides affordable solutions for individuals with untreated mental health and neuropsychiatric problems. Operating in the Health Care, Neuroscience, Therapeutics, and Wellness industry, they aim to change how mental health is tackled.

Radley Robots

Started by Savana Radley, Radley Robots provides a unique communications and concierge service through remote-controlled telepresence robots. This venture has the potential to revolutionise Information Technology, Robotics, and Wellness space.


FÜM, founded by Braeden Pauls focuses on creating positive habits and aims at empowering more people to quit their addictions naturally. The company operates within the Beauty, Consumer Goods, Fitness, and Wellness industry.


Freddie is a startup aimed at providing healthcare services for a community. Their focus on Health Care, Medical, and Wellness article is what sets them apart.


Fledge, founded by Jenna Galloway, is an online platform that gamifies mental health so all children have a launchpad to thrive. Fledge is transforming the world of EdTech, Education, Health Care, and Wellness.


Signalytic, founded by Bryan Plummer and Nico Christofi, digitizes and connects rural and remote health facilities. Working in the Health Care, Service Industry, and Wellness industry, they’re pushing for better healthcare accessibility.

My Normative

Started by Danika Kelly and Renee Kokts-Porietis, My Normative is the only consumer health tracking software that integrates and contextualizes female specific metrics.


Cannabit, initiated by Jeremy Aasen and Matthew Ratzke, is a cloud platform and service provider for cannabis infrastructure and technology.

Founded by Avi Silverberg, provides the World’s most helpful content when it comes to powerlifting and coaches in powerlifting who are experts.

Outbreaker Solutions

Outbreaker Solutions, founded by Matt Hodgson, is a biotechnology firm developing a fast-acting antimicrobial surface, providing biotechnology, life science, and wellness solutions.

Single Parent Life

Initiated by Anca Dan, Single Parent Life is a marketplace app that connects single/solo parents with each other and with businesses that offer personal and life services.

Live Timeless

Live Timeless provides health and wellness insights through at-home lab tests and wellness technologies delivered to the workplace.

In conclusion, these Alberta-based startups are significantly contributing to the growth and transformation of the wellness sector. Through their innovative solutions, they are enhancing healthcare accessibility, promoting mental health, transforming the beauty and fitness industry, and bringing about a positive change in the community.

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