Startup Showcase: 2S Water Incorporated – Real-time Water Monitoring for a Safer Future

Revolutionizing Water Monitoring with Innovative Sensor Technology.

Welcome to, where we bring you the latest in Canadian innovation. In this startup showcase, we highlight 2S Water Incorporated, a game-changer in the field of water monitoring. Harnessing cutting-edge sensor technology, 2S Water provides real-time monitoring of water systems, revolutionizing the way we detect and address water quality issues. Say goodbye to outdated grab samples and hello to a safer, more efficient future for water management.

A Paradigm Shift in Water Monitoring

Traditionally, water quality testing has relied on grab samples, a time-consuming and error-prone process. With 2S Water’s innovative approach, this antiquated method becomes a thing of the past. By utilizing single and multi-element sensors, 2S Water detects metals in water in real time, enabling instant feedback for facility operators. This paradigm shift opens doors for process optimization, regulatory compliance, and early issue identification.

Targeting the Mining Industry: A Perfect Fit

With their breakthrough technology, 2S Water has set its sights on the mining industry. Known for its regulatory fines and water quality challenges, mining is an industry ripe for data-driven process optimization. The detection of metals and atomic contaminants, which were previously undetectable in real time, becomes a reality with 2S Water’s sensor. By providing real-time data in a fully automated system, 2S Water empowers facility operators with the timely information they need to safeguard their operations.

Expanding Beyond Mining: Endless Possibilities

While the mining industry is the initial focus, 2S Water’s vision extends far beyond. The applications of their real-time water monitoring technology are vast and diverse. Petrochemicals, forestry, and municipalities are just a few sectors that can benefit from the power of instant data feedback. By making water safe and understood, 2S Water aims to protect not only our precious water resources but also the environment and the facilities that rely on them.

The Future is Real-Time

At 2S Water, the mission is clear: to make the world’s water safe and understood. Real-time data plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. By providing facility operators with instant feedback, 2S Water empowers them to take proactive measures to protect water resources and ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Through their innovative approach, 2S Water drives sustainability, environmental stewardship, and efficient operations.


In the ever-evolving landscape of water management, 2S Water Incorporated stands at the forefront of innovation. By introducing real-time monitoring of water systems through their groundbreaking sensor technology, they are transforming the way we approach water quality issues. From mining to petrochemicals, forestry to municipalities, 2S Water’s vision reaches far and wide, offering a brighter future for water management.




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