Startup Showcase: Bio-Stream Diagnostics – Revolutionizing Point-of-Care Testing with Bio-Stream’s OECT Pathogen Detection Platform

In this edition of, we shine a spotlight on an innovative startup that is transforming the field of point-of-care testing. Introducing Bio-Stream Diagnostics, a pioneering company that has developed a breakthrough solution for rapid and affordable pathogen detection. With their cutting-edge Organic Electro Chemical Transistor (OECT) platform and pocket-sized Bluetooth reader, Bio-Stream is set to revolutionize the way we diagnose and combat infectious diseases.

A Game-Changing Technology for Pathogen Detection

Bio-Stream’s OECT pathogen detection platform offers a game-changing approach to point-of-care testing. By leveraging the power of organic electronics, their technology enables fast, accurate, and cost-effective pathogen detection in real-time. The compact Bluetooth reader seamlessly connects to disposable test strips, allowing users to conduct tests conveniently and efficiently.

Democratizing Testing for Immediate Impact

With a mission to democratize testing, Bio-Stream Diagnostics aims to make precision pathogen detection accessible to all. By employing low-cost manufacturing techniques for disposable test strips and multi-use readers, Bio-Stream limits the spreading of infectious diseases and enables immediate treatment initiation. Moreover, the platform’s flexibility allows for the rapid development of new tests for various pathogens, ensuring its versatility and relevance in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Unmatched Benefits for Healthcare Providers and Researchers

Bio-Stream’s OECT pathogen detection platform offers a myriad of benefits for different stakeholders in the healthcare and research sectors. Urgent Care Centers, Pharmacies, and companies can leverage this cutting-edge technology to provide rapid and accurate diagnostic services to their patients. Furthermore, drug manufacturers and researchers can utilize the platform for companion diagnostics or other research purposes, facilitating the advancement of medical knowledge and treatments.

A COVID-19 Testing Breakthrough

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Bio-Stream Diagnostics is preparing to launch its first test, which is currently undergoing regulatory approvals. This groundbreaking COVID-19 test will leverage the OECT platform’s capabilities, providing healthcare professionals with a fast, accurate, and accessible solution for the detection of this infectious disease. The results will be delivered instantly, enabling prompt decision-making and timely interventions.

Conclusion: Pioneering the Future of Point-of-Care Testing

Bio-Stream Diagnostics is spearheading a new era in point-of-care testing with their OECT pathogen detection platform. By combining affordability, speed, accuracy, and ease of use, Bio-Stream is poised to transform the way we diagnose and manage infectious diseases. As they prepare to launch their first test for COVID-19, the impact of their technology is set to be felt in Urgent Care Centers, Pharmacies, companies, and research institutions alike. With Bio-Stream at the forefront of innovation, the future of pathogen detection is in safe hands.


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