Startup Showcase: BioTraceIT™ – Revolutionizes Pain Monitoring

Redefining Pain Monitoring for Humans and Animals

Pain is a universal experience that affects humans and animals alike. Understanding and effectively managing pain is crucial for healthcare providers, veterinarians, and researchers. BioTraceIT™, a pioneering medical technology company based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, is at the forefront of pain monitoring innovation. Their groundbreaking product, PainTrace®, has the potential to revolutionize how pain is localized, quantified, and tracked in both acute and chronic cases. In this startup showcase, we delve into the remarkable advancements made by BioTraceIT™ and the transformative impact of PainTrace®.

Unveiling PainTrace®: A Breakthrough in Pain Monitoring

BioTraceIT™ has developed PainTrace®, a cutting-edge medical device that offers non-invasive and continuous monitoring of pain in humans and animals. PainTrace® provides instantaneous, real-time numeric readings, enabling healthcare professionals to gauge pain levels accurately. By localizing and quantifying pain, this innovative technology empowers medical practitioners to enhance patient care and make informed treatment decisions.

The device’s seamless integration of cloud-based software enables remote monitoring and telemedicine, revolutionizing the way pain is assessed and managed. Pain measurements can be stored and transmitted wirelessly, allowing healthcare providers to track and analyze pain levels during examinations or over follow-up periods. This real-time data enhances the precision and efficacy of pain management strategies, leading to improved patient outcomes and quality of life.

Expanding the Boundaries of Pain Monitoring

While BioTraceIT™ initially developed PainTrace® for human pain assessment, the technology’s versatility extends to veterinary and animal health applications. Veterinarians, pharmaceutical companies, and animal health organizations utilize PainTrace® to evaluate non-verbal patient pain, study pharmaceutical efficacy, and enhance animal welfare. By objectively quantifying pain in animals, PainTrace® supports informed decision-making in veterinary care and enables tailored treatment approaches.

The potential applications of PainTrace® extend beyond individual patient care. The device is actively being validated for regulatory approval to measure pain in humans. This milestone would open doors for widespread adoption in healthcare facilities, research institutions, and pain management clinics, further solidifying BioTraceIT™’s position as a leader in pain monitoring technology.

Advancing Pain Management through Innovation

BioTraceIT™’s commitment to innovation and patient-centered care drives their relentless pursuit of advancements in pain monitoring technology. By continually refining PainTrace® and expanding its applications, the company aims to transform pain assessment and management on a global scale.

The team at BioTraceIT™ consists of dedicated researchers, engineers, and healthcare professionals who collaborate to push the boundaries of pain monitoring. Their passion for improving the lives of patients and animals alike is evident in the remarkable strides they have made with PainTrace®.


BioTraceIT™ and their groundbreaking product, PainTrace®, have revolutionized the field of pain monitoring. By offering real-time, non-invasive pain localization and quantification, PainTrace® empowers healthcare providers, veterinarians, and researchers to deliver more accurate and personalized care. The technology’s potential to enhance patient outcomes and improve animal welfare is immense. As BioTraceIT™ continues to innovate and expand the applications of PainTrace®, the future of pain management looks brighter than ever.


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