Startup Showcase: Bluemate Associates Inc. – Connecting Businesses and Opportunities

At Bluemate Associates Inc., they pride themselves on being a one-stop-shop for business opportunities and connections. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Bluemate Associates is a company that provides business ideas, investment opportunities, and links to suit their clients’ plans and budget. The company creates a bridge for mutually beneficial business relationships such as joint ventures, partnerships, and licensing agreements between two entities. In this era of global business, it is an important strategy to have and connect with business networks and personal contacts, connecting you is what Bluemate Associates does best.

Business Idea Consultation

Bluemate Associates Inc. provides business idea consultation to their clients, offering advice on different business ventures, such as R&D, business lobby conduit, business incorporation, and business match making. The company understands that a business idea is a crucial element of any business, and they have a team of professionals who can assist in the ideation and development of new business ideas.

Investment Opportunities in Europe and Asia

Bluemate Associates Inc. also offers investment opportunities in Europe and Asia to their clients. They have a network of trusted investors who are always looking for viable business opportunities to invest in. The company connects clients with potential investors in different regions, thereby increasing their chances of securing investment.

Managers Business Tours

Bluemate Associates Inc. also provides managers business tours for their clients. The company understands the importance of business networking and the role it plays in securing deals and opportunities. The business tour is designed to provide clients with the opportunity to meet and network with business partners and investors.

Bluemate Associates Inc. – Your Business Partner

Bluemate Associates Inc. is more than just a business consultancy; they are a partner in your business journey. The company provides technical and managerial support when required, such as assistance with recruitment, business plans, finding premises, or putting together a syndicate of investors. They work closely with clients to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions to meet those needs.


Bluemate Associates Inc. is a business consultancy that provides business ideas, investment opportunities, and links to suit clients’ plans and budget. The company creates an economic and business partnership environmental bridge to encourage mutually beneficial business relationships. Their services are designed to help clients grow their businesses and secure investment opportunities. Bluemate Associates is your partner in your business journey.



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