Startup Showcase: Bridges Fund Management – Addressing Social and Environmental Challenges through Sustainable Growth

As the world continues to evolve and change, it has become increasingly clear that investment in solutions to social and environmental challenges is not only necessary but also provides attractive returns. Bridges Fund Management, a London-based investment management firm, has been doing just that since its inception in 2002. With its hands-on investment and entrepreneurial talent, Bridges Fund Management aims to use its investment expertise to address pressing social and environmental challenges while generating returns for its investors.

Investing in Sustainable Growth

Bridges’ investment strategy is to focus on opportunities that help meet pressing social or environmental challenges, such as backing businesses that generate jobs in underserved markets, building environmentally friendly care homes for the elderly to sustain an ageing population, or providing flexible financing for innovative community transport models. They aim to provide investor returns through investments that generate positive societal and environmental impacts.

Investing in Impact Across Fund Types

Over the years, Bridges has innovated a range of investment vehicles across three main fund types – Sustainable Growth Funds, Property Funds, and Social Sector Funds. The Sustainable Growth Funds invest in businesses that have the potential to deliver both financial returns and social and environmental impact. The Property Funds invest in real estate development and regeneration projects that generate social and environmental impact while delivering strong financial returns. Finally, the Social Sector Funds invest in businesses that provide services that address pressing social and environmental challenges.

Investing for Financial and Societal Returns

Through its investment strategy, Bridges Fund Management has been building a strong track record of financial and societal returns. They aim to create shared value for their investors and society, generating market-rate financial returns while helping to solve pressing social and environmental challenges. Their approach has been recognized as a model for impact investing, and they have been awarded several accolades, including UK Social Investment Firm of the Year in 2016 and 2017.


In summary, Bridges Fund Management’s investment strategy is a perfect example of how impact investing can be a win-win for investors and society. By addressing pressing social and environmental challenges, Bridges is generating returns for its investors while helping to create a more sustainable and equitable future. As the world continues to grapple with pressing challenges, it is exciting to see companies like Bridges Fund Management leading the way in impact investing and creating shared value.




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