Startup Showcase: Comnet Technologie’s Beenote – Revolutionizing Meeting Management for Teams

As the world becomes more interconnected, and teams become increasingly dispersed, the importance of effective communication has never been more critical. Meetings are an essential component of any organization, yet they often result in wasted time and resources. Enter Comnet Technologie’s Beenote, a meeting management solution designed to organize and streamline your meeting workflow.

Comnet Technologie’s Beenote is a powerful tool for improving meeting efficiency, productivity and collaboration. The platform is designed for work teams, executives, and boards who want to streamline their meeting processes from start to finish. It is offered in two alternatives: Beenote and Beeboard.

Beenote, The Ultimate Meeting Operating System

Beenote is a meeting management solution designed for work teams who want to improve their meetings. The platform helps you have efficient meetings by planning, holding and following them. One of the standout features of Beenote is its ability to quickly plan agendas, either through the app or directly from Outlook. The platform offers agenda templates that are ready to use, or users can create their own customized agenda. Additionally, Beenote offers a real-time note-taking feature, collaboration in minutes writing, and task tracking integration with Microsoft To Do. Users can also automatically generate easily printable minutes, and there is an automatic timekeeper feature to ensure meetings run smoothly. The platform also offers a registry of decisions and tasks, as well as private or organization accessible minutes.

Beeboard, The Ultimate Board and Executive Meeting Operating System

Beeboard is Comnet Technologie’s Beenote’s exclusive and private group offering for Boards and executives who want to improve their governance with meetings. Beeboard helps boards and executives have efficient meetings by planning, holding, and following them. It is an upgraded version of Beenote that offers all the functionalities of Beenote plus more exclusive features. The platform is completely private and secure, and only accessible by invitation. It offers a registry of topics, a library of documents, and the ability to approve agendas with a quorum. Additionally, users can approve minutes, and the platform is designed to accommodate even more features in the future.

Why Choose Beenote?

Comnet Technologie’s Beenote has transformed the way teams, executives, and boards manage meetings. The platform’s features make it easy to organize meetings, keep them on track, and ensure everyone is on the same page. One of the benefits of using Beenote is that it saves time by reducing the amount of time spent on meetings. Additionally, it helps teams become more productive by ensuring that meetings are more effective. Ultimately, Beenote helps organizations achieve better outcomes by facilitating better communication and collaboration.


Comnet Technologie’s Beenote is a game-changer in the meeting management space. Its powerful features, combined with its user-friendly interface, make it an essential tool for any team or organization looking to improve their meeting efficiency. Beenote is designed to help teams, executives, and boards have more effective meetings from start to finish. By using Beenote, organizations can save time, be more productive, and achieve better outcomes.





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