Startup Showcase: Conquer Experience – Revolutionizing Healthcare Education with Virtual Reality

How Conquer Experience is Using VR Technology to Improve Patient Outcomes.

In today’s rapidly-evolving healthcare landscape, education and experience play a critical role in determining patient outcomes. This is the driving philosophy behind Conquer Experience, a startup based in Surrey, British Columbia that is leveraging virtual reality (VR) technology to transform healthcare education. Their award-winning product, PeriopSim, is a cutting-edge digital training solution for clinical educators in the operating room.

The Challenge of Surgical Education Today

One of the biggest challenges facing healthcare providers today is the issue of surgical education. Surgeons are often concerned with the confidence and competence of their teams during critical surgeries, while educators are faced with providing a lower quality of patient safety than they believe is appropriate.

This is where Conquer Experience comes in. By providing a digital experience-based training solution, they are helping surgical staff practice safely before surgery, and achieve and maintain competence more quickly. This can ultimately help improve patient outcomes and ensure a higher level of care.

The PeriopSim Advantage

At the heart of Conquer Experience’s offerings is their award-winning product, PeriopSim. This innovative digital training solution is designed specifically for clinical educators in the operating room, providing a range of features and benefits that set it apart from traditional training methods.

For one, PeriopSim is a VR, desktop, and tablet-based solution, which allows educators to provide training in a range of different settings. This can help to improve accessibility and flexibility, making it easier for staff to engage with the platform and improve their skills.

In addition, PeriopSim is an evidence-based solution that is six times faster than traditional training methods. This means that a one-hour procedure takes just 10 minutes in simulation, enabling staff to learn more efficiently and effectively.

Impact and Growth

Since its launch, PeriopSim has already made a significant impact in the healthcare education space. The platform has been used by over 30,000 perioperative RN and ST trainees across the US and Canada, including at prestigious institutions like CHI Nebraska, Johns Hopkins Sibley, UH of Cleveland, and George Washington University Hospital.

With the healthcare education market poised for significant growth in the coming years, Conquer Experience is well-positioned to continue making a major impact in the space. Their innovative use of VR technology, combined with a focus on evidence-based training, makes them a standout player in a crowded and rapidly-changing market.

Transforming Healthcare Education for Better Patient Outcomes

Conquer Experience is a startup that is truly making a difference in the healthcare education space. With their innovative use of VR technology and evidence-based approach to training, they are helping to improve patient outcomes and ensure a higher level of care in operating rooms across the US and Canada.





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