Startup Showcase: Cyberpost – The Revolutionary Way to Connect and Build Relationships

Cyberpost is a Mississauga-based startup that offers a cloud-based platform for entertainment, sports, community, and business groups to build relationships with their audiences through virtual mail containing video links. In this Startup Showcase, we take a closer look at what sets Cyberpost apart, and how the company is revolutionizing the way organizations connect with their audiences.

Revolutionary Way to Inform and Build Relationships

Cyberpost is a revolutionary way for organizations to inform and build relationships with their audiences. The platform allows organizations to deliver virtual mail containing video links to their chosen audience, locally and/or internationally, for free. This way, music artists can easily deliver virtual mail containing their songs, albums, and concert dates, while movie studios can promote their upcoming releases in selected cities or countries. Businesses can also take advantage of the platform to target markets and track product and service promotions in ways unique to Cyberpost.

Pre-Select What You Are Looking For

Cyberpost gives recipients the opportunity to easily and anonymously pre-select what they are looking for. Recipients can wait and see if any offers or promotions on Cyberpost deliver what they want. They can easily control the content and sources of virtual mail they wish to receive, including music, movies, products and services, special deals, community services and alerts like Amber Alert, and more. They can also search, share, delete, and/or block virtual mail, save favorite information and offers, read and write reviews, and more.

Powerful Tools for Organizations and Recipients

Cyberpost provides powerful tools for organizations and recipients to interact and build relationships. Organizations can track the engagement of their virtual mail campaigns and adjust their strategies accordingly. Recipients can easily provide feedback on the virtual mail they receive and engage with the organizations behind the virtual mail. This way, Cyberpost can help organizations build a loyal fan base and recipients to find the information and offers they need in a way that is efficient, easy, and personalized.


Cyberpost is a revolutionary platform that is changing the way organizations connect and build relationships with their audiences. By providing a powerful way to deliver virtual mail containing video links and pre-select what recipients are looking for, Cyberpost is making it easy and efficient for organizations to deliver information and promotions while giving recipients control over what they receive. With powerful tools for tracking engagement, receiving feedback, and building loyal fan bases, Cyberpost is a startup to watch in the entertainment, sports, community, and business industries.




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