Startup Showcase: Daanaa – Redefining Power Transactions with Semiconductor Technology

Daanaa is a Vancouver-based startup that has developed proprietary semiconductor technology that provides power transactions freely, safely, and efficiently. Daanaa’s chips are versatile, designed to integrate with existing technologies and hardware to simplify systems, save costs, and improve efficiency in diverse applications. From daily electronics and appliances to solar and wind power, electric vehicles (EV) and battery management systems (BMS), Daanaa is redefining power transactions with its cutting-edge semiconductor technology.

Revolutionary Semiconductor Technology

Daanaa’s semiconductor technology is revolutionary and provides power transactions medium and modality free, which means that power and data can travel through the air, using existing conductive structures without generating current, and through a combination of AC/DC modes and their conversions as needed. Daanaa’s chips are versatile, designed to integrate with existing technologies and hardware, and provide a range of unique capabilities such as bidirectionality, position freedom, and efficient wireless transfer through materials such as wood, plastics, glass, concrete, and others.

Efficient and Scalable Power Transactions

Daanaa’s integrated circuits (IC) operate in the non-inductive near field and provide efficient and scalable power transactions that range from only 1W up to 10kW. The technology allows for simultaneous transactions between multiple devices having different sizes, shapes, and power requirements, with targeted and adaptable transfer. With its unique capabilities, Daanaa is redefining how power is transferred, making it more efficient and scalable, and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Solar Power Integration

Daanaa’s integration into solar power allows panels to harvest on average 40% more power while reducing the costs of energy by 30%, contributing to incremental reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Daanaa’s semiconductor technology frees solar power systems from their conventional limitations, providing significant innovations in its architecture and allowing previously unapplicable use cases.


In conclusion, Daanaa is redefining power transactions with its revolutionary semiconductor technology. With its unique capabilities, efficient and scalable power transactions, and solar power integration, Daanaa is contributing to a more sustainable future where energy is efficient, affordable, and widely accessible. Daanaa is an example of how rigorous research, cutting-edge solutions, and a shared passion for sustainability can reimagine fundamental engineering challenges.



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