Startup Showcase: – Connecting People and Companies Globally through Social Media & Gig Economy (The Jobzy) is a North Vancouver, British Columbia-based startup that is changing the game of social media and gig economy. This unique platform is like an encyclopedia of services for customized tasks, gigs, and jobs globally, connecting anyone, anywhere, and anytime. The company’s vision is to stimulate the real world in a great virtual world of connecting possibilities.

Djobzy is an innovative platform that allows people to give and get services on a daily basis. You can find a talent or sell your services, work on your own schedule, and make money instantly. The company aims to connect people from different walks of life globally, creating a task in any location, and allowing people with different expertise and verification levels to apply for your task. Similarly, you can apply for diverse tasks that fit your talent, education, time, or expertise and make extra money instantly. Djobzy leverages technology to bring humans closer to one another and foster real-world connections.

All Services under One Umbrella

Djobzy has over 1,700 industries and categories that you can enroll in. The company’s platform is built to be an all-in-one marketplace for any services or tasks that you might need. It is like what shopping malls did for products, Djobzy does for services. With Djobzy, you can promote your business, find trustworthy and great talents for your needs, and connect with people/companies in your industry globally, expanding your market reach.

Easy Employment Process

Djobzy is making the process of employment as easy as a couple of clicks. Anyone can join and create a profile, sell their services or look for services in 2-3 minutes, and start making money. Djobzy saves costs for employers and brings value to employees, decreasing waste. Everyone gets two accounts and can be an employee/employer at the same time. All daily or customized tasks and jobs can be posted with a couple of clicks, and you can find freelancers for your tasks.

Built-in Payment System

The company has a built-in payment system that takes away the hesitation for both parties. It ensures that transactions are secure and transparent, and freelancers can get paid instantly, rather than waiting for a pay-day. The platform is also an online live resume that shows your verification level as well as your reviews showing how good you are. This feature enables employers to find talent quickly and efficiently, and freelancers to showcase their skills and expertise.

Join the Future of Work with Djobzy

Djobzy has over 37 patents, and the possibilities are endless with this innovative platform. With a Djobzy profile, you can find jobs on the go, and your profile moves with you. Employers in diverse cities and countries can see you as you travel, expanding your job opportunities. Djobzy’s SEO algorithms bring your profile up to the first pages of main search engines, resulting in higher visibility for you and your business, and they do that all for free.

Djobzy is the global go-to place for any services and tasks. It connects people and companies, bridges the gap of any demand and supply, and creates a virtual world of possibilities. Join the future of work with Djobzy and connect with a community of talented people from around the world.





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