Startup Showcase: EERS Global Technologies Inc.- Revolutionizing Hearing Protection and Communication in Challenging Environments

In the bustling landscape of startups, few companies manage to break barriers and redefine entire industries. EERS Global Technologies Inc., based in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, is one such exceptional startup. Specializing in high-noise IoT hearing protection with in-ear communication and worker safety monitoring, EERS Global is revolutionizing the way we communicate and stay safe in challenging environments. Through their cutting-edge technology and relentless commitment to innovation, EERS Global has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the field.

A Game-Changing Approach to In-Ear Technologies

At the heart of EERS Global’s mission is the invention, design, and testing of advanced in-ear technologies. Founded in 2014, this innovative startup has been at the forefront of developing groundbreaking solutions that augment the human experience in various domains. Their expertise spans communication in challenging situations, hearing protection, biometric and wellness monitoring, brain-computer interfacing, and more.

Co-Development Partnership for Rapid Market Entry

EERS Global stands out not only for their ability to create game-changing technologies but also for their strategic approach to market entry. Through co-development partnerships, they bring a continuous stream of new products to the market. This collaborative model not only fosters innovation but also ensures that their prototypes are transformed into scalable, manufacturable products. By assuming the development execution risk, EERS Global enables companies to embrace cutting-edge solutions without hesitation.

A Center of Excellence in Research and Development

With its roots firmly planted in Montreal, EERS Global has established itself as a global center of excellence in research and development. Their multidisciplinary team of high-caliber scientists and engineers is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of acoustics, audio and biosignal processing, in-ear technologies, and product development. This exceptional talent pool enables EERS Global to stay at the forefront of innovation and deliver unparalleled solutions to their clients.


EERS Global Technologies Inc. has emerged as a true pioneer in the field of high-noise IoT hearing protection, in-ear communication, and worker safety monitoring. With their innovative approach, co-development partnerships, and commitment to research and development, EERS Global is transforming industries and setting new standards for excellence. As they continue to revolutionize the way we communicate and protect our hearing in challenging environments, the future looks incredibly promising for this Montreal-based startup.


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