Startup Showcase: eezly – Redefining Online Food Delivery

An Innovative Montreal Startup Revolutionizing Food Delivery.

Welcome to the Startup Showcase of eezly, a trailblazing Montreal-based startup that is redefining how consumers shop for groceries. eezly offers a unique and practical solution for grocery shoppers seeking efficiency and savings.

Empowering Grocery Shoppers with Price Transparency

eezly is not just another grocery app; it’s a powerful tool designed to help users make informed decisions about where to shop to maximize their buying power. By comparing the prices of every product from various major grocery stores in one place, eezly users can see at a glance where they’ll get the best deals, with potential discounts of up to 50%.

One-Click Convenience

What sets eezly apart is its user-friendly interface that allows shoppers to search for any product and compare prices with just one click. This feature simplifies the shopping process, enabling users to plan their grocery trips more effectively.

Customized Shopping with Complete Lists

eezly also stands out as the only app that allows users to compare prices for their entire shopping list across different stores. This unique feature enables consumers to make strategic decisions on where to shop based on the total cart value, optimizing both time and money.

Growing Reach and Accessibility

Initially available in Quebec, eezly is now gearing up to expand its service across Canada in 2024. This expansion is a testament to its growing popularity and the app’s effectiveness in helping users manage their grocery budgets more effectively.

Join the eezly Community

If you’re looking to optimize your grocery shopping experience, eezly is your ultimate solution. Whether you’re a budget-savvy shopper or someone who values time over money, eezly’s extensive network and user-friendly platform have got you covered.

To get started with eezly, download the free app from the App Store or Google Play Store and begin exploring a whole new world of efficient and affordable grocery shopping.

– Apple: Download eezly on the App Store

– Android: Download eezly on the Play Store






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