Startup Showcase: Expancio – Harmonized Retail and Franchise eCommerce SaaS Platform

In today’s digital age, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to have a strong online presence. However, building an effective eCommerce platform can be challenging, especially for retailers and franchise owners. That’s where Expancio comes in. Expancio is a Toronto-based startup that provides a harmonized retail and franchise eCommerce SaaS platform designed to help businesses engage local and online shoppers to boost sales.

All-in-One Application Builder: Providing More Channels for Customer Engagement

One of the biggest pain points for retailers and franchise owners is the lack of local customer engagement. With Expancio’s all-in-one application builder, businesses can automatically build and manage web, apps, and WeChat/Ali apps, providing more channels for customer engagement. This approach allows businesses to engage with customers in a variety of ways, increasing the chances of making a sale.

Affiliate and Digitized Out-Bound Sales System: Targeting Both Local and Online Shoppers

Another challenge faced by retailers and franchise owners is the lack of a suitable online sales system targeting local shoppers. Expancio’s affiliate and digitized out-bound sales system is designed to address this issue. This digital sales system allows retailers to target both local and online shoppers, increasing sales and repurchase rates. By providing businesses with a user-friendly sales system, Expancio is helping retailers and franchise owners expand their customer base and increase sales.

Single, Chain, and Franchise Management System: Cost-Effective Solution for Franchise Support

Finally, Expancio offers a single, chain, and franchise management system that provides a cost-effective solution for franchise support. This system allows businesses to bring additional local stores online, without having to invest significant time and resources. By streamlining the process of bringing franchises online, Expancio is helping businesses to expand their reach and increase their revenue.

Expancio’s Business Clients: A Diverse Range of Industries

Expancio’s platform is versatile and can be used by a wide range of businesses. Their business clients include online groceries, fast food and beverage businesses, restaurant owners, fashion and beauty retailers, regular retailers, franchise owners, online eCommerce businesses, and cross-border businesses. Since their launch, Expancio has helped hundreds of businesses move their operations online, expand their customer base, and increase their sales and repurchase rates.


Expancio is a Toronto-based startup that provides a harmonized retail and franchise eCommerce SaaS platform. With a focus on customer engagement and sales, Expancio’s all-in-one application builder, affiliate and digitized out-bound sales system, and single, chain, and franchise management system are helping businesses expand their reach and increase their revenue. If you’re a retailer or franchise owner looking to boost your online presence, Expancio is the platform for you.





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