Startup Showcase: Flyshot – The Future of Coupon Redemption

Flyshot is revolutionizing the coupon industry with its innovative Magic QR Coupon technology and influencer platform. This Toronto-based startup is built for ads and influencer campaigns and offers a patent-pending solution that adds convenience to customers’ redemption experience while boosting conversion rates.

Flyshot’s Magic QR Coupons replace traditional alphanumeric coupon codes when added to ads or influencer content, making the redemption process easier and more streamlined. Instead of customers having to remember and type in coupon codes, they can simply take screenshots of ads and upload them at checkout when they’re ready to make a purchase.

The technology improves brand recall and generates approximately 11% more impressions for the same CPMs, and has been found to be highly preferred by Instagram users. In a survey of 1018 Instagram users, 74.8% preferred to redeem coupons by uploading screenshots instead of typing in alphanumeric codes.

Streamlined Redemption Process

With traditional coupon codes, customers have to remember the code or write it down and then type it in at checkout. This can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if the code is long or complicated. Flyshot’s Magic QR Coupons eliminate this step by allowing customers to take screenshots of ads and upload them at checkout. This saves time and effort and makes the redemption process more convenient for customers.

Improved Brand Recall

By allowing customers to take screenshots of ads and upload them at checkout, Flyshot’s Magic QR Coupons increase brand recall. Customers are more likely to remember the brand and the offer when they see the ad again, and this can lead to more sales and conversions.

Increased Impressions

Flyshot’s technology generates approximately 11% more impressions for the same CPMs. This means that brands can get more exposure for their ads and offers without having to pay more for advertising.

Full-Suite Influencer Campaign Management

Flyshot’s platform also supports full-suite influencer campaign management, including a database of 3.2 million influencers, automated invites, chat, content approvals, conversion analytics, and more. Brands can easily manage their influencer campaigns and track their conversion KPIs, which include attributed revenue, conversion rates, and returns.

Compatibility with Any Channel

Flyshot’s Magic QR Coupons are compatible with ads on any channel, including social media, email, SMS, and more. This makes it easy for brands to incorporate the technology into their existing marketing strategies and reach their target audience on multiple channels.


Flyshot is a game-changer in the coupon industry, offering a simple and convenient solution that improves brand recall and boosts conversion rates. With its Magic QR Coupons and influencer platform, Flyshot is helping brands to reach their target audience and increase their sales and revenue.




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