Startup Showcase: GiveVUGS Corporation, Creator of the VUG Social App

Are you tired of feeling disconnected and lonely on social media? Do you long for a more meaningful and authentic social experience? Look no further than VUG Social, the next-gen social platform for feelings. GiveVUGS Corporation, based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is the creator of this revolutionary app that puts the focus on creating genuine connections and improving mental health.

Introducing VUG Social

VUG Social is a free iOS/Android app that aims to make sharing feelings fun and easy. Instead of seeking validation through likes and followers, users can connect with others in a more authentic and supportive way. The app’s proprietary Vuggie-Relationship Engine helps users create and grow meaningful connections with like-minded individuals.

The World Premier of Interactive VUGS

One of the unique features of VUG Social is the world premiere of interactive VUGS, or virtual hugs. These digital hugs are a fun and light-hearted way to show support and care for friends and family. Users can customize their VUGS with different animations and messages to make them even more personal.

Improving Mental Health through Social Media

Mental health, loneliness, and feelings are all intricately linked, and GiveVUGS Corporation recognizes the need for a more positive and supportive social media experience. VUG Social’s focus on creating meaningful connections and fostering authenticity can have a positive impact on users’ mental health. By reducing feelings of loneliness and improving overall well-being, VUG Social is changing the way we think about social media.

Meeting New Friends Safely

In addition to its focus on feelings, VUG Social also prioritizes safety. Users can meet and make new friends safely through the app’s verification process and commitment to creating a positive and respectful community.

No Followers, No Likes, No Politics

Unlike traditional social media platforms, VUG Social is free from the pressure of likes, followers, and political debates. Instead, users can focus on building real connections and sharing their authentic selves with others.

Join the VUG Social Movement Today

If you’re ready for a more meaningful and supportive social media experience, join the VUG Social movement today. Download the app for free on iOS or Android and start connecting with like-minded individuals in a fun and engaging way.





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