Startup Showcase: GoMaterials – Hassle-Free B2B Marketplace for Landscape Materials

As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, the importance of landscaping is growing. According to IBIS World, the landscaping services industry in Canada has grown 1.8% annually over the past five years and is projected to reach $11.4 billion by 2026. However, procurement has always been a major challenge in the industry, with professional landscapers facing headaches such as poor quality materials, last minute order changes, and late deliveries. GoMaterials was founded to solve these problems and provide a hassle-free B2B marketplace for landscape materials.

Background and Mission

GoMaterials was founded in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, by Marc Elliott, who had over 10 years of experience owning a landscape construction business. Elliott understood the challenges that professional landscapers faced in procuring landscape materials, and he saw an opportunity to help solve these challenges with technology. GoMaterials’ mission is to simplify the procurement process and provide landscapers with a seamless and efficient experience.

How it Works

GoMaterials is a B2B marketplace that connects professional landscapers with hundreds of verified wholesale nurseries across the US and Canada. The platform helps with all aspects of procurement, including search, price comparison, quality assurance, and logistics organization. The end-to-end service ensures that landscapers receive high-quality materials at competitive prices, delivered on time. Landscaping businesses can access the service without any upfront costs or membership fees.

Verified Wholesale Nurseries

GoMaterials’ platform only features verified wholesale nurseries, ensuring that landscapers receive high-quality materials that meet their specifications. The platform has an extensive network of nurseries, with over 500 nurseries in Canada and the US. GoMaterials’ team of experts verifies each nursery before adding them to the platform, ensuring that they meet the company’s high standards for quality, pricing, and delivery.

End-to-End Service

GoMaterials provides an end-to-end service that simplifies the procurement process for landscapers. The platform allows landscapers to search for materials based on their location, availability, and price. The platform’s price comparison feature allows landscapers to compare prices from different nurseries, ensuring that they receive competitive pricing. GoMaterials’ team also provides quality assurance, ensuring that materials meet the landscaper’s specifications. The platform’s logistics organization feature ensures that materials are delivered on time and to the correct location.


GoMaterials has revolutionized the procurement process for professional landscapers by providing a hassle-free B2B marketplace for landscape materials. The platform’s end-to-end service simplifies the procurement process and ensures that landscapers receive high-quality materials at competitive prices, delivered on time. The company’s extensive network of verified wholesale nurseries provides landscapers with a wide range of options, making it easy to find the materials they need. With GoMaterials, landscapers can focus on what they do best – creating beautiful outdoor spaces.





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