Startup Showcase: Good News Ventures – Backing True Grit Entrepreneurs to Build Successful Tech Companies

Good News Ventures is a Toronto-based startup that invests in early-stage technology companies founded by true grit entrepreneurs. The company backs passionate and determined founders as they develop their impressive ideas into prominent businesses, and admires those who embrace risk and uncertainty and aren’t afraid to break with convention.

Investing in All Sectors: AI, IoT, Big Data, and More

At Good News Ventures, the focus is on providing exceptional value for founders and remarkable returns for investors. The company invests in all sectors, including AI, IoT, big data, B2B, cloud/SaaS, mobile, marketplaces, finance, healthcare, applications, infrastructure, networking, security, space technology, and storage.

The company evaluates risk versus rewards and ensures potential returns are in line with its investment philosophy. Good News Ventures is not just an investment firm, but also a partner that provides significant value in strategic advice and networking.

Exceptional Roster of Advisors to Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

Good News Ventures has put together an exceptional roster of advisors who have various backgrounds and can help entrepreneurs take their ideas from a concept to a business through mentorships and guidance. The company’s partners provide significant value in strategic advice and networking.

With the help of its advisors, Good News Ventures aims to empower entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and build successful companies. The company is committed to supporting startups through every stage of their growth journey.

Backing True Grit Entrepreneurs: Aiming High and Achieving the Mark

Good News Ventures is committed to backing true grit entrepreneurs who are not afraid to take risks and break with convention. The company believes that the greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.

With its investment philosophy and exceptional roster of advisors, Good News Ventures is empowering entrepreneurs to aim high and achieve their goals. The company is committed to supporting the growth of the Canadian tech ecosystem and helping entrepreneurs build successful businesses.

Join Good News Ventures and Turn Your Ideas into Successful Businesses

If you’re a true grit entrepreneur with a passion for building successful tech companies, then join Good News Ventures today. The company is committed to providing exceptional value for founders and remarkable returns for investors, and is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.





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