Startup Showcase: GoParkr – Revolutionizing Parking Management with Full-Stack Solution

As cities continue to grow and expand, parking management becomes a crucial challenge to overcome. Fortunately, GoParkr, a Toronto-based startup, offers a full-stack parking management solution to help asset managers optimize parking operations. With real-time pricing and spaces availability, GoParkr makes it effortless for drivers to connect with parking spaces. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll dive into how GoParkr is transforming the parking industry with its innovative technology.

Real-Time Parking Management Made Easy

Finding a parking space in a busy city can be a daunting task, but GoParkr makes it simple. The company’s mobile app provides drivers with real-time information on parking space availability and pricing. The app also allows drivers to reserve a parking space in advance, ensuring they have a spot when they arrive. Whether you’re attending an event, heading downtown, or parking at a commercial garage, GoParkr has got you covered.

Optimizing Parking Operations for Asset Managers

GoParkr’s full-stack solution is not just beneficial for drivers but also for asset managers. By streamlining the parking process, GoParkr helps asset managers optimize parking operations, improving revenue and reducing costs. GoParkr provides big data analytics to parking spaces, allowing asset managers to make informed decisions and adjust pricing based on demand.

The Future of Parking

With the rapid development of autonomous vehicles, the entire parking industry is on the brink of disruption. GoParkr recognizes this and aims to stay ahead of the game. The company is continually improving its solution to cater to the changing needs of the parking industry. As a fully digitized parking process, GoParkr’s technology is perfectly suited for the future of mobility.

Effortless Parking for Everyone

GoParkr’s mission is to improve mobility for everyone by providing a fully digitized parking process. The company’s mobile app makes it effortless for drivers to find, reserve, and compare parking spaces in the city. With big data analytics and real-time pricing, GoParkr optimizes parking operations for asset managers, improving the parking experience for everyone.


GoParkr is a game-changer in the parking industry. With its full-stack solution, the company offers a seamless parking experience for drivers while optimizing parking operations for asset managers. As the future of mobility changes, GoParkr is ready to adapt and stay ahead of the game.





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