Startup Showcase: Gryd – Revolutionizing PropTech in Canada

As the world continues to rapidly shift towards a technology-driven future, industries must adapt to remain relevant and competitive. One industry that has not always kept pace with technological innovation is property management. Gryd, a Canadian-born PropTech start-up, is changing that by developing and deploying innovative solutions for industry-leading property managers, owners, and REITs.

Gryd’s passion is fueled by the positive impact its solutions have on portfolios nationwide. The company’s suite of three purpose-built products delivers increased efficiencies, increased asset value, and reduced costs. In this startup showcase, we will take a closer look at Gryd’s products and how they are revolutionizing the property management industry.

GrydPark, Streamlining Parking Management with a Marketplace

GrydPark is an advanced parking marketplace and lot management software that empowers property owners to optimize, streamline, and create value from parking assets. This product offers two main solutions: Lot Management and the Marketplace.

Lot Management sharpens internal parking operations by offering a comprehensive suite of tools and features that simplify the management of parking assets. From real-time parking monitoring to automated billing and payment processing, Lot Management saves property managers time and money by streamlining parking management operations.

The Marketplace offers a unique solution to the problem of underutilized parking spaces. Property owners can capture revenue from their underutilized parking spaces by listing them on the Marketplace. Tenants looking for parking can easily find and reserve parking spaces through the GrydPark app, making the Marketplace a win-win for both property owners and tenants.

GrydDigital, Cutting-Edge Media and Marketing Solutions

GrydDigital provides media and marketing solutions coast-to-coast. Its network of media specialists spans North America, allowing the company to handle any volume of national portfolio. Acting as an extension of its clients’ marketing team, GrydDigital assists in filling listings faster with more qualified tenants using cutting-edge media technology, including 3D virtual tours, 3D virtual staging, photography, videography, pre-build renders, and more.

With GrydDigital, property managers can benefit from a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions that help them attract and retain tenants. From high-quality photos and videos to immersive 3D virtual tours, GrydDigital’s solutions enable property managers to showcase their properties in the best possible light.

GrydRent, The Award-Winning Rental Search Platform

GrydRent is an award-winning rental search platform that seamlessly connects property managers with prospective tenants looking for a new home. The platform is designed to be easy to use for both property managers and tenants, with a focus on delivering a superior user experience.

With GrydRent, property managers can post listings and receive applications from qualified tenants quickly and easily. Tenants can browse listings and apply for properties directly through the GrydRent platform, streamlining the rental search process for everyone involved.


Gryd is a Canadian-born PropTech start-up that is changing the property management industry with its innovative solutions. With products like GrydPark, GrydDigital, and GrydRent, the company is delivering increased efficiencies, increased asset value, and reduced costs for property managers, owners, and REITs across the country. As the industry continues to evolve, Gryd is leading the way in revolutionizing PropTech in Canada.





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