Startup Showcase: Hackable.IO – Making IoTs Secure and Reliable

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the importance of secure and reliable IoT (Internet of Things) devices has never been more critical. Hackable.IO is a Toronto-based startup that aims to improve IoTs’ security and quality by providing a crowdsourcing firmware testing platform. The platform enables anyone to safely report bugs that could compromise the security and quality of a product, making IoT devices safer for everyone to use.

Revolutionizing IoT Security

Hackable.IO is revolutionizing the way IoT manufacturers approach security by offering a free, accessible platform that uses a bounty program to connect companies and researchers. A bounty program allows testers to find bugs in exchange for incentives offered by a manufacturer. Companies may choose to reward testers using a points-based system, a product giveaway, or a financial incentive for every bug found. With this platform, manufacturers can easily set up a program that attracts researchers and testers willing to work for point-based incentives, product giveaways, or cash rewards.

Connect with Researchers

The platform allows companies to invite researchers found on their database to test their product. Researchers can test the firmware, report bugs and vulnerabilities, and get rewarded for their efforts. Once bugs and other vulnerabilities have been identified by testers, Hackable.IO allows companies to manage threats and provide feedback. Every bug identified by researchers is posted onto the company’s program page, enabling them to keep track of progress and identify common vulnerabilities.

Manage Bugs and Threats

The platform provides a centralized location to manage all bugs and threats, allowing companies to offer relevant incentives that will keep skilled researchers testing. Offering incentives is a great way to ensure your product can be improved by increasing stability and managing any vulnerabilities detected. Hackable.IO also offers guidance to companies on how to manage the bug bounty program, best practices for bug bounty programs, and provides a support team to help companies address any issues that arise during the program.


Hackable.IO is a unique and innovative platform that helps IoT manufacturers to improve their products’ security and reliability. With the rise of IoT, the need for secure and reliable devices has never been more critical. By providing a platform that connects companies with skilled researchers, Hackable.IO is making IoTs more secure and reliable for everyone to use. With their mission to help manufacturers deliver IoTs that are secure and reliable, Hackable.IO is a valuable asset for IoT manufacturers who want to provide secure and reliable products to their customers.


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