Startup Showcase: HerdWhistle Technologies Inc. – Electronic Livestock Identification and Traceability Solutions

In today’s ever-changing world, the need for traceability and identification of livestock has never been more important. The global livestock industry is moving towards Ultra High Frequency (UHF) for electronic identification, and HerdWhistle Technologies Inc. is leading the way in providing the hardware and cloud solutions to make this a reality. In this Startup Showcase, we’ll take a closer look at HerdWhistle Technologies, their innovative solutions, and how they’re changing the game for livestock traceability.

The Problem and Opportunity

Livestock traceability is an issue that affects the global livestock industry. With increasing requirements for traceability and government regulations, it’s become more important than ever to have accurate identification of livestock. The transition from Low Frequency (LF) to UHF has also created a need for new hardware solutions, and HerdWhistle Technologies is filling that need. Additionally, the shortage of qualified labor resources to maintain operations has become a significant challenge for livestock operators globally.

The Solution and Product

HerdWhistle Technologies provides a wide range of electronic livestock identification and traceability hardware solutions. Their proprietary next-generation electronic livestock identification and traceability hardware creates the upstream data generation required to create data pipelines for human labor augmentation and larger corporate value chains of traceability. HerdWhistle’s electronic livestock tags and scanning devices are essential components of livestock traceability, providing the upstream data generation for traceability.

The Business Model

HerdWhistle Technologies’ business model is based on recurring revenues from consumable electronic livestock tags and monthly fees associated with cloud connectivity for scanning equipment. They generate revenue from a global reseller distribution network, primarily through livestock software companies. HerdWhistle provides competitive advantages to livestock software companies by offering rugged electronic livestock identification and traceability hardware, enabling them to secure clients for their localized software. This creates a labor-saving value proposition with low-cost, high-quality data generation.

Go-To-Market Strategy

HerdWhistle Technologies’ go-to-market strategy is to concentrate on globally competitive delivery of electronic livestock identification ear tags as the gateway product. Livestock ID tag sales create low-cost customer acquisition on a global scale while simultaneously building long-term value-added relationships for high-margin products with recurring revenues. Their primary focus is on the US marketplace, with a growth strategy that involves expanding their global reseller network.


In conclusion, HerdWhistle Technologies is a company that’s providing innovative solutions for the global livestock industry. Their electronic livestock identification and traceability hardware and cloud platform enable livestock operators to have accurate identification and traceability of their livestock, ensuring compliance with regulations and requirements. Their business model is based on recurring revenues from consumable electronic livestock tags and monthly fees associated with cloud connectivity for scanning equipment. With a focus on growth in the US marketplace and expansion of their global reseller network, HerdWhistle Technologies is poised to be a leader in the industry.




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