Startup Showcase: HIGHLINEvc – Empowering Canadian Tech Startups

As technology continues to shape the world we live in, innovative startups play a pivotal role in driving transformation across industries. Canadian entrepreneurs are making significant strides, and one company stands out in supporting their journey from ideation to success. In this Startup Showcase, we delve into the story of HIGHLINEvc, a Canadian pre-seed venture capital firm that is revolutionizing the startup landscape.

Nurturing the Seeds of Innovation

At HIGHLINEvc, the mission is clear: to nurture and invest in early-stage technology companies across Canada. With offices in Vancouver and Toronto, this forward-thinking firm identifies promising startups and provides them with more than just financial backing. Unlike traditional accelerators, HIGHLINEvc adopts a unique approach that fosters long-term relationships with its founders.

Beyond Capital: Building a Supportive Ecosystem

HIGHLINEvc understands that startups need more than just funding to succeed. As part of their Acceleration Platform, they offer ongoing advice and support to their portfolio companies. There are no rigid start or end dates throughout the year, allowing founders to access guidance whenever they need it.

  • Partnerships and Premium Network: HIGHLINEvc opens doors to a premium network of industry experts, mentors, and potential collaborators. This valuable ecosystem facilitates meaningful connections, knowledge sharing, and growth opportunities.
  • Monthly Founder Events: Staying connected and inspired is vital for entrepreneurs. HIGHLINEvc organizes monthly events where founders can engage with each other, share experiences, and learn from guest speakers, fostering a vibrant and collaborative community.
  • Fundraising Challenges: Securing follow-on capital is often a crucial hurdle for startups. HIGHLINEvc is dedicated to helping founders overcome fundraising challenges by leveraging their network and experience in the investment landscape.
  • Specialized Programming: In collaboration with incubators, HIGHLINEvc offers access to tailored programs that address specific needs, providing startups with additional resources to thrive in their respective industries.

The Merger: A Catalyst for Growth

HIGHLINEvc is the result of a powerful merger between Growlab Ventures and Extreme Startups in August 2014. This strategic union brought together the expertise, experience, and resources of two leading venture capital firms, creating a stronger and more dynamic entity to support Canadian startups.


HIGHLINEvc is more than just an investor; it is a partner and advocate for the growth of Canadian tech startups. With their hands-on approach, ongoing support, and extensive network, they empower entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into successful ventures. In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation, HIGHLINEvc stands as a beacon of support, driving the Canadian startup ecosystem forward.


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