Startup Showcase: Home Spritz Revolutionizes Home Cleaning Services in Canada

Bringing Convenience and Quality to Home Cleaning

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to maintain a clean and organized home can be a daunting task. Home Spritz, a Calgary-based startup, is here to revolutionize the home cleaning industry in Canada. With their innovative marketplace platform, Home Spritz connects homeowners with professional cleaners, providing a convenient and reliable solution for maintaining a spotless living space.

Empowering Home Cleaners and Homeowners Alike

Home Spritz recognizes the challenges faced by residential cleaners in managing their businesses effectively. Until now, cleaners had to juggle multiple tasks such as payment management, scheduling, and customer communication, often using fragmented systems. Home Spritz streamlines these processes, providing a centralized platform that empowers cleaners to focus on what they do best – cleaning houses.

Through the Home Spritz platform, cleaners gain access to an array of essential tools. They can effortlessly manage their schedule, accept secure payments, and leverage additional revenue opportunities. Moreover, Home Spritz offers comprehensive marketing, training, and customer service support, ensuring that cleaners receive the necessary assistance to grow their book of business and retain satisfied customers.

Simplifying Homeowner’s Lives

For homeowners, finding a reliable cleaner who matches their needs and preferences can be a daunting task. Home Spritz takes away the stress and uncertainty by managing the entire relationship between homeowners and cleaners. By providing customer service, secure payment options, efficient scheduling, and stringent quality control measures, Home Spritz ensures that homeowners can enjoy a clean and comfortable living space without any hassle.

Gone are the days of endless searching, comparing prices, and worrying about the quality of cleaning services. Home Spritz brings simplicity and peace of mind to homeowners, making it easier than ever to find a trusted cleaner who meets their requirements.

A Promising Future for Home Spritz

Home Spritz has successfully launched its platform in Beta mode, catering to the Calgary market. The positive response and enthusiastic feedback from both cleaners and homeowners have laid a strong foundation for the startup’s future expansion plans. In year 2, Home Spritz aims to extend its services to Edmonton, Toronto, and Vancouver, providing residents in these major Canadian cities with access to their revolutionary platform. Looking even further ahead, Home Spritz has plans to expand into the United States in year 3, bringing their exceptional cleaning services to homes across North America.

With their unwavering commitment to convenience, quality, and customer satisfaction, Home Spritz is poised to transform the home cleaning industry, one house at a time.


Home Spritz has emerged as a game-changer in the home cleaning industry, bringing together cleaners and homeowners on a single platform for seamless and reliable service. By empowering cleaners with essential tools and support, and simplifying the process for homeowners, Home Spritz is redefining the way we approach home cleaning services.

With their Beta launch in Calgary and ambitious plans for expansion across major Canadian cities and eventually the United States, Home Spritz is poised for rapid growth and success. Keep an eye out for this innovative startup as they revolutionize the home cleaning experience and make a lasting impact in the industry.


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