Startup Showcase: Index Biosystems – Transforming the Food System with Genetic Traceability Solutions

Index Biosystems is a genetic food system traceability solutions provider that is revolutionizing the food industry. With its cutting-edge technology, Index Biosystems offers source-of-origin traceability and identity preservation solutions, guaranteeing sub-population level identification of food products. As a startup company based in Toronto, Ontario, Index Biosystems has developed an innovative approach to food system traceability that is helping to promote food safety and sustainability across the industry.

Source-of-Origin Traceability and Identity Preservation

Index Biosystems is focused on providing source-of-origin traceability and identity preservation solutions that are simple and effective. The company’s core technology involves inserting an inert genetic construct into food system products – a Nuclid™. This enables identification of the origin of the food product within a few hours, independent of packaging, even in co-mingled or transformed products. By using the Nuclid™ technology, Index Biosystems is able to expand the scope of what is traceable in the food system – from seed to waste, including post-digestion.

Reduction of Recall Scope

One of the major benefits of Index Biosystems’ Nuclid™ technology is that it can greatly reduce the impact of a food product recall. By identifying the source of the contamination within hours, the recall scope can be limited to the specific products that were affected, rather than recalling all products that were produced within a certain time frame. This not only reduces the cost of the recall but also helps to protect the reputation of the food manufacturer and promotes food safety.

Operational Insights

Index Biosystems’ technology also offers operational insights that can help food manufacturers to optimize their processes and improve their supply chain management. By identifying the source of each food product, manufacturers can track the movement of the product through the supply chain and identify any bottlenecks or inefficiencies in the system. This information can be used to optimize production processes and improve supply chain management, leading to greater efficiency and profitability.

GMO and Fraud Identification

Another important application of Index Biosystems’ technology is in the identification of GMOs and fraud. By inserting the Nuclid™ into food products, the presence of GMOs can be detected quickly and easily. This is particularly important for consumers who are concerned about the presence of GMOs in their food. Additionally, the Nuclid™ can be used to identify fraud in the food system, ensuring that consumers are getting the products that they paid for.

Feed and Seed Security

Index Biosystems’ technology can also be used to improve feed and seed security. By tracking the origin of the feed and seed used in the food system, manufacturers can ensure that they are using high-quality inputs that are free from contamination. This can help to improve the overall quality of the food products and promote food safety.


Index Biosystems is a startup company that is changing the way we think about food system traceability. With its innovative Nuclid™ technology, Index Biosystems is able to provide source-of-origin traceability and identity preservation solutions that are simple, effective, and scalable. By expanding the scope of what is traceable in the food system, Index Biosystems is helping to promote food safety and sustainability across the industry.



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