Startup Showcase: Information Venture Partners – Investing in North American Enterprise and Financial Technology Companies

Learn how Information Venture Partners helps entrepreneurs build successful North American enterprise and financial technology companies

As the world continues to evolve towards a more digital future, the demand for enterprise and financial technology companies is growing exponentially. Information Venture Partners is a Toronto-based investment firm that specializes in direct and fund of funds investments in these areas. With over two decades of experience, they have become one of the most reputable venture capital firms in North America.

Who is Information Venture Partners?

Information Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that focuses on early-stage investments in North American enterprise and financial technology companies. They were founded in 2001 as RBC Venture Partners and became independent in 2014. Their team is made up of experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors who understand the key success factors in building enterprise software, analytics platforms, and social enterprise companies.

Identifying Disruptive Opportunities

Unlike other venture capital firms that chase trends, Information Venture Partners identifies disruptive opportunities. They seek out companies with brilliant visions that can solve significant and difficult problems. They understand that these companies are the ones that have the potential to grow exponentially and have a significant impact on the world.

Investing in the Best Companies

Information Venture Partners seeks out the best companies in their areas of focus, both in Canada and the United States. They are often the first institutional investors in their companies and actively seek quality co-investors who are equally committed to the success of their investees. For the right opportunity, they will invest in growth-stage venture-backed companies.

Supporting their Companies

Information Venture Partners is an entrepreneur-friendly investment firm that believes in letting entrepreneurs and leadership teams manage their portfolio companies. They commit to supporting their companies as much and as often as needed. They bring decades of experience, expansive advisor networks, proprietary tools, and common sense to their investments.


Information Venture Partners is a leading venture capital firm in North America. They have a proven track record of investing in disruptive opportunities and supporting their portfolio companies. If you are an entrepreneur looking to build a successful North American enterprise or financial technology company, Information Venture Partners is a firm that you should consider.




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