Startup Showcase: Insig – AI Automation and Virtual Care for Doctors

Insig is a Toronto-based startup that has revolutionized the healthcare industry by creating an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that can automate medical documentation and administrative tasks for doctors. With the use of their intelligent questionnaire system, medical professionals can now capture patient data remotely and render medical notes, collect medical history, and organize paperwork/forms automatically. This startup has created a virtual care system that allows patients to receive premium services without the need for in-person appointments. This Startup Showcase will delve into the details of Insig and how they are changing the healthcare industry.

The Power of AI and Machine Learning

Insig has implemented AI and machine learning technologies to analyze over 3 million patient records, developing an AI model that can lead a naive patient to diagnosis through simple questioning. The AI engine is robust, with an accuracy rate of nearly 80%. This makes Insig an intelligent and reliable tool for doctors who want to provide better patient care.

Revolutionizing Healthcare

Insig’s main goal is to automate processes across the medical clinic, giving doctors more time to focus on what they do best, which is medicine. The intelligent questionnaire system is a crucial part of this automation process. By automating the rendering of medical notes, the collection and organization of medical history, and rendering of any original paperwork/forms, doctors can save time and avoid manual errors. Insig also provides virtual care services, which allow doctors to provide their best patients with premium services remotely, removing the need for in-person appointments for minor cases.

The Benefits of Insig’s Virtual Care System

Insig’s virtual care system provides numerous benefits, including convenience, accessibility, and affordability. Patients no longer have to spend hours traveling to a doctor’s office, waiting in long queues, and potentially exposing themselves to other illnesses. With virtual care, patients can receive medical care from the comfort of their own homes, saving time and money. Virtual care also allows doctors to see more patients in a shorter amount of time, thereby increasing their revenue.


Insig has created an innovative solution that addresses the needs of both doctors and patients. Their AI and machine learning technologies have revolutionized the healthcare industry, providing doctors with an intelligent tool that can automate medical documentation and administrative tasks. Insig’s virtual care system is also a game-changer, providing patients with convenient and accessible medical care from the comfort of their own homes. Insig’s commitment to simplifying medical processes and improving patient care is admirable, and we look forward to seeing their continued success in the future.




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