Startup Showcase: Its Time For Change – Empowering Indigenous Economic Inclusion

As the world continues to evolve, so does the conversation around Indigenous inclusion and empowerment. Its Time For Change(ITFC) is a Canadian economic inclusion network that seeks to provide a solution to the longstanding problem of underemployment and economic marginalization of the Indigenous communities in Canada. This startup is based in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, and is on a mission to promote sustainable economic growth for both Canada’s Indigenous and Business community. In this Startup Showcase, we explore how Its Time For Change is creating a pathway for economic prosperity for Indigenous Canadians.

The Importance of Economic Inclusion for Indigenous Communities

Economic inclusion is a critical issue for Indigenous peoples around the world. The Indigenous communities in Canada have been subjected to historical trauma and systemic marginalization, leading to a significant economic gap between them and non-Indigenous Canadians. According to the 2016 Canadian census, Indigenous peoples in Canada have an unemployment rate that is almost twice as high as that of non-Indigenous Canadians. This is where Its Time For Change comes in.

Connecting Indigenous Communities to Economic Opportunities

At Its Time For Change, the focus is on building a bridge between Indigenous communities and economic opportunities. This startup is a unique Canadian economic inclusion network that provides an online platform where First Nations, Inuits, and Metis communities can access community data, community jobs, public and private procurement opportunities, and resume services. By providing these services, Its Time For Change is creating a pathway for Indigenous Canadians to be more competitive in the job market and thrive in the business world.

Supporting Indigenous Business Growth

Its Time For Change not only empowers Indigenous communities to access economic opportunities but also supports the growth of Indigenous businesses. The startup provides business resources, supply chain development programs, and other initiatives to help Indigenous businesses grow and succeed. Through these programs, Its Time For Change is creating an ecosystem where Indigenous businesses can thrive and contribute to the Canadian economy.

The Future of Its Time For Change

Its Time For Change is more than just a startup, it is a movement. The founders of this startup have a passion for Indigenous economic inclusion and are determined to make a significant impact. With their unique online platform and dedication to their cause, Its Time For Change is on a mission to create a future where Indigenous Canadians can access equal economic opportunities and thrive.

If you’re looking to connect with the Indigenous community in Canada or contribute to the economic inclusion movement, Its Time For Change is the perfect platform for you. Join the movement and grow together.





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