Startup Showcase: Katipult – Revolutionizing Private Placements and Crowdfunding

Looking for a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution to manage your private placement and crowdfunding campaigns? Look no further than Katipult, the leading white-label software infrastructure provider for brokerage, development, and investment firms. Our online syndication and crowdfunding platform makes it easy to create, launch, and maintain compliant offerings, with fully supported and maintained software engineered by our expert team.

Grow Your Investor Network with Katipult

One of the biggest challenges for investment firms is finding new sources of capital to fund their projects. With Katipult, you can expand your reach to non-accredited and foreign investors, diversifying your sources of funding and helping you achieve your investment goals faster. Our platform also facilitates investor referrals and introductions, making it easier to connect with potential investors within your existing network.

Efficiently Manage Your Investors with Katipult

Managing a large number of investors can be a complex and time-consuming task, but with Katipult’s automated accreditation, KYC, bad actor checks, and verification, you can streamline the process and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Our platform also provides investment updates and real-time reporting, as well as account and portfolio management and tax filings. With powerful analytics for investor activity and insights, you’ll have the data you need to make informed decisions and optimize your investment strategies.

Streamline Deal Flow Administration with Katipult

When it comes to managing private placements and crowdfunding campaigns, dealing with paperwork, signatures, and record-keeping can be a major headache. Katipult simplifies the process with easy-to-use tools for signature collection, document distribution, and record-keeping. Our platform also decreases minimum subscription cycles and automates payments and escrow, making it faster and easier to close deals and achieve your investment objectives.


With Katipult, you can create, launch, and maintain compliant online syndication and crowdfunding campaigns, giving you the power to grow your investor network, manage your investors efficiently, and streamline your deal flow administration. Our fully supported and maintained software infrastructure is trusted by brokerage, development, and investment firms in the US, Europe, Asia, and Africa.





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