Startup Showcase: Logiq Information Services Inc – An Antidote to Technical Debt for Seamless Technology Deployments

Welcome to, where we bring you the latest and most innovative startups from across Canada. In this Startup Showcase, we present to you Logiq Information Services Inc, a groundbreaking company based in Toronto, Ontario. Logiq Information Services Inc offers an antidote to technical debt, revolutionizing technology deployments for organizations. Their flagship product, GroundControl, empowers businesses to take control of large-scale technology deployments, ensuring security, efficiency, and cost savings. Read on to discover how Logiq Information Services Inc is transforming the landscape of technology management.

Unleashing the Power of GroundControl

Deploying and managing technology at scale can be an arduous task, riddled with complexities and challenges. Logiq Information Services Inc recognizes this pain point and provides an innovative solution through GroundControl. More than just a curated enterprise app store, GroundControl empowers organizations to leverage cloud technology outside of the public cloud. With support for multi-tenant environments, any hardware, any location, and any connection, including dark sites, GroundControl offers unparalleled flexibility and control.

Seamless Technology Deployments at Scale

One of the key advantages of GroundControl is its ability to simplify large-scale technology deployments. With Logiq Information Services Inc’s platform, organizations can significantly reduce the learning curve from months to mere minutes. By removing complex software supply chains entirely, GroundControl eliminates bottlenecks and streamlines the deployment process. This means that businesses can speed up innovation, reduce time to market, and ultimately gain a competitive edge.

A Secure and Cost-Effective Solution

Security is paramount in today’s digital landscape, and Logiq Information Services Inc has built GroundControl with this in mind. By enabling organizations to deploy technology on their own hardware-agnostic private cloud, GroundControl provides an extra layer of security and data control. This approach ensures that businesses can meet their specific compliance requirements while reaping the benefits of cloud technology.

Furthermore, Logiq Information Services Inc understands the importance of cost savings. GroundControl allows organizations to optimize their technology deployments, saving money in the process. By reducing the complexity and eliminating the need for external software supply chains, businesses can achieve cost efficiency and allocate resources more effectively.


Logiq Information Services Inc is a true innovator in the field of technology deployments. Through their flagship product, GroundControl, they offer organizations a comprehensive solution to tackle technical debt head-on. With the ability to leverage cloud technology outside of the public cloud, simplify deployments, enhance security, and achieve cost savings, Logiq Information Services Inc is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their technology infrastructure.


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