Startup Showcase: Marigold Capital Backs Marginalized Entrepreneurs for Equity and Prosperity

Empowering Undervalued Entrepreneurs for a Better Future.

Welcome to Startup Showcase, where we highlight innovative companies that are making a difference. In this edition, we shine a spotlight on Marigold Capital, a Toronto-based startup that is revolutionizing the world of impact investing. With a mission to back overlooked, undervalued, underrepresented, and marginalized entrepreneurs, Marigold Capital is driving equity, equality, and prosperity in North America. Join us as we delve into the remarkable work of this inspiring company.

Redefining Finance with Purpose

Marigold Capital, located in the vibrant city of Toronto, is a pioneer in impact investing and blended finance. The company focuses on resilient and growing North American businesses that not only achieve positive financial outcomes but also prioritize social prosperity. Marigold Capital recognizes that true success goes beyond monetary gains and strives to create a lasting impact on employees, value and supply chain actors, users, clients and customers, as well as the communities they operate in.

A #GenderSmart Approach

One of the distinctive features of Marigold Capital is its commitment to #gendersmart thinking. The company acknowledges the importance of gender equality and incorporates this perspective into its investment thesis. By actively supporting initiatives that empower marginalized individuals, particularly women, Marigold Capital drives positive change and paves the way for a more inclusive and equitable society.

Leading the Way in Social Impact

Marigold Capital has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the field of impact investing. As a Certified B Corp, the company adheres to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Moreover, Marigold Capital is proud to be the first Canadian venture capital firm to pledge to The Billion Dollar Fund and invest4equality. By aligning its goals with these initiatives, Marigold Capital aims to break down barriers and promote equality in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

A Catalyst for Change

Marigold Capital actively contributes to shaping the future of finance and venture capital. The company is a member of the Canadian Venture Capital Association, advocating for policies that foster a supportive environment for startups. By challenging traditional norms, dismantling structural barriers, and empowering marginalized individuals, Marigold Capital serves as a catalyst for meaningful change.


Marigold Capital’s unwavering commitment to backing marginalized entrepreneurs sets them apart in the world of venture capital. By driving equity, equality, and prosperity, Marigold Capital creates a ripple effect that benefits not only the entrepreneurs they support but also the broader community. Through their #gendersmart approach, they lead the way in promoting inclusivity and diversity in the entrepreneurial landscape.


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