Startup Showcase: Mason Resources Revolutionizing Copper Exploration and Development

Discover the Promising Ventures of Mason Resources in the World of Copper.

Welcome to the Startup Showcase of Mason Resources Corp., a leading Canadian copper exploration and development company. This spotlight sheds light on Mason Resources’ innovative approach to the mining industry, their impressive portfolio, and their commitment to sustainable resource extraction. Join us as we delve into the promising ventures of this Vancouver-based startup.

Exploring the Riches Beneath: Mason Resources’ Mission

Mason Resources operates as a copper exploration and development company, driven by a vision to unlock the potential of copper resources. With a focus on the Yerington District of Nevada, the company has positioned itself as a significant player in the Canadian and U.S.A. mining sectors. Mason Resources’ primary asset is the Ann Mason Project, a captivating land package that encompasses two copper-molybdenum porphyry deposits: Ann Mason and Blue Hill.

Unveiling the Ann Mason Project: A Jewel in the Crown

The Ann Mason Project is Mason Resources’ most prized possession, representing one of the largest undeveloped copper porphyry resources in Canada and the United States. Currently at a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) level, the Ann Mason deposit has the potential to transform the copper mining landscape. Mason Resources’ relentless pursuit of excellence, combined with their strategic investments, has led to the identification of numerous earlier-stage or untested priority targets within the Ann Mason Project.

Yerington, Nevada: A Mining Jurisdiction Par Excellence

One of the factors that make Mason Resources’ ventures so appealing is their strategic location in Yerington, Nevada. The region boasts excellent infrastructure, year-round access, strong community support, and a clear permitting process. These advantages position Yerington as one of the most favorable mining jurisdictions globally. By leveraging the rich geological resources of this area, Mason Resources is poised to contribute significantly to the copper mining industry.

Pioneering Innovations: Lordsburg Property

In addition to the Ann Mason Project, Mason Resources holds a 100% interest in the Lordsburg property, an exciting copper-gold porphyry project in New Mexico. Located within a historic mining district, this project reflects Mason Resources’ commitment to diversifying their portfolio and exploring new frontiers. With their proven expertise and dedication to responsible resource extraction, Mason Resources aims to unlock the vast potential of the Lordsburg property.


Mason Resources has emerged as a trailblazer in the copper exploration and development sector, garnering attention and support from industry experts. With their extensive land packages, strategic locations, and a commitment to sustainable practices, Mason Resources is driving the future of the mining industry. By capitalizing on cutting-edge technologies, fostering community engagement, and adhering to best environmental practices, the company is paving the way for responsible resource extraction.


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