Startup Showcase: – The Real-Time Project Management Software on a Live Map is a Vancouver-based startup that has revolutionized project management software with its geospatial collaboration platform. helps project managers, field workers, and consultants stay organized and productive by providing a live-updating map that is easy to visualize, collaborate on and manage.’s Innovative Solution: Live-Updating Maps is a project management software that is built on a live map, providing users with real-time visibility into their fieldwork. This innovative approach to project management enables project managers to better allocate resources, manage timelines and budgets, and track progress in real-time.

The live-updating map interface of enables users to see the status of their projects in real-time. Users can easily visualize the location of their project sites, track the progress of their teams, and manage their budgets all in one place.

Centralized Dashboard and GIS Tools’s centralized dashboard provides users with a comprehensive overview of their projects, including budgets, cost reports, files, and historical details. The platform’s GIS tools are user-friendly and eliminate collaboration hurdles between departments, which improves operational efficiency and business development effectiveness. is designed to meet the needs of field companies, and its map-based interface is a key feature that sets it apart from other project management software. This interface enables tasks and information relating to a physical location to be readily seen and understood by both technical and business audiences, making it easier to manage complex projects.

Unlimited User Model for Viral Growth’s unlimited user model is a unique feature that opens the door to viral growth. Unlike other industry-specific systems that require a long training cycle, is easy to use and requires no specialized training. The unlimited user model also helps to build a network effect, making the platform more valuable as more users join. A Game-Changer in Project Management is changing the game in project management by providing an innovative solution that is easy to use and provides real-time visibility into fieldwork. The platform’s live map interface, centralized dashboard, and GIS tools make it easy for project managers, field workers, and consultants to collaborate, manage their projects and increase productivity.





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