Startup Showcase: Mission – The Shopping-Task Marketplace Connecting Consumers with Local Merchants

The retail industry has gone through a significant transformation in recent years with the rise of e-commerce. However, one thing that has remained constant is the need for consumers to connect with merchants who can help them make informed decisions about their purchases. Mission, a Toronto-based marketplace software company, has developed a shopping-task marketplace to bridge the gap between consumers and local merchants.

Introducing the Shopping-Task Marketplace

Mission is a marketplace software company that is introducing the shopping-task marketplace. The platform allows consumers to set their shopping goals and provides local merchants with an opportunity to bid for their business by providing product recommendations. Mission enables people to describe what they are looking for or interested in buying, and local merchants send back product recommendations via the Mission app/website interface, along with direct chat capabilities to help people hone in on finding exactly what they are after. The platform also enables people to complete their purchase online, making it a seamless shopping experience.

Connecting Consumers with Local Merchants

Mission’s goal is to connect consumers with local merchants in a more purposeful and relevant way. The platform’s algorithm and vetting process ensure that only qualified local merchants are given access to the consumers’ requests. By doing so, Mission is helping to drive business to local merchants and promoting a sense of community within the retail industry.

Hyper-Local and Personalized Shopping Experience

Mission’s mission is to scale its platform to every major city in the world, providing a consistent, hyper-local, and personalized way to find and shop for items across all categories. Whether you are traveling abroad or looking for something specific in your own city, Mission’s platform provides a personalized shopping experience that connects you with local merchants who can provide expert recommendations and advice.


Mission’s shopping-task marketplace is revolutionizing the retail industry by connecting consumers with local merchants in a more purposeful and relevant way. The platform’s seamless shopping experience, combined with its hyper-local and personalized approach, is helping to drive business to local merchants and promote a sense of community within the retail industry. As Mission continues to scale its platform to major cities worldwide, it is poised to become a game-changer in the retail industry.




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