Startup Showcase: Monogram Creative Console: The Ultimate Solution for Free-Form Hardware Interface

Monogram Creative Console is a modular hardware interface designed by Ashish Bidadi and Calvin Chu, which enables users to design controllers for software, offering a free-form hardware interface for editing photos and more. This Kitchener-based startup is a game-changer in the creative software industry. The product allows users to control software using sliders, dials, buttons, and a desktop application, which makes it more intuitive and faster to use.

Introducing Monogram Creative Console

Monogram Creative Console is a product that’s been making waves in the creative software industry since its release. The company has won Gold at the User Experience Design Awards (UXDA) from the International Design Center Berlin in 2015. The product is aimed at photographers, videographers, and creatives in general, who want to have a more tactile approach to their work. The console is designed to be modular, allowing users to create their own controllers for the software they use most frequently.

How Monogram Creative Console Works

The Monogram Creative Console consists of magnetically connecting tactile controllers, which include sliders, buttons, and dials. The device is customizable, so users can design their own console according to their specific needs. The desktop application allows users to assign different functions to the controllers, and users can also create their own macros to automate repetitive tasks. The console is compatible with popular software such as Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Audition.

Monogram Creative Console’s Impact on the Photography and Videography Industries

Monogram Creative Console is a game-changer in the photography and videography industries. It offers a more intuitive, faster, and precise way to edit photos and videos, which ultimately saves creatives time and allows them to focus on their work. The product has received positive reviews from photographers, videographers, and creative professionals worldwide. It is also available at B&H Photo Video in New York or Henry’s Photo in Canada and ships to over 46 countries.


Monogram Creative Console is a startup that’s shaking up the creative software industry. Its modular, customizable hardware interface offers a more tactile approach to editing photos and videos. The console’s impact on the photography and videography industries has been tremendous, and the product has received positive reviews from creatives worldwide. If you’re looking for a more intuitive, precise, and faster way to edit your photos and videos, Monogram Creative Console is definitely worth checking out.





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