Startup Showcase: Namakor Holdings – Revolutionizing Industrial Manufacturing

Empowering Industrial Manufacturing Companies for Long-Term Success.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, finding the right partner to ensure the long-term success of a company can be a challenging task. Enter Namakor Holdings, a Montreal-based startup that is revolutionizing the industrial manufacturing sector through its unique approach to acquiring and integrating mid-market companies. With a focus on operational efficiency, organic growth, and strategic acquisitions, Namakor Holdings is transforming the industry one acquisition at a time.

Driving Profitability through Operational Excellence

Namakor Holdings is recognized for its deep operational experience and its unwavering commitment to generating optimal profitability in a sustainable manner. The company’s core strategy revolves around acquiring mid-market companies in the industrial manufacturing sector across North America. By integrating top-tier management teams, Namakor Holdings ensures that these companies are equipped to drive profitability through operational efficiency, organic revenue growth, and strategic acquisitions.

A Partner for Long-Term Success

Namakor Holdings firmly believes in making long-term commitments to the companies it acquires. By fostering an environment of trust and collaboration, the company becomes the ideal solution for small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners and managers who are seeking to ensure the continued success of their businesses over the long term. Namakor Holdings not only invests in promising businesses but also provides constant operational support, enabling them to benefit from a comprehensive business network.

Integration and Network Support

What sets Namakor Holdings apart is its commitment to supporting the companies it acquires beyond the initial transaction. Recognizing the value of a strong business network, Namakor Holdings provides its portfolio companies with ready access to a comprehensive network of industry experts, suppliers, and potential partners. This enables these companies to expand their reach, explore new opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth in a highly competitive market.


Namakor Holdings is spearheading a new era in industrial manufacturing by combining strategic acquisitions with operational excellence. Its unique approach of integrating top-tier management teams and providing ongoing operational support sets it apart from traditional investment firms. With a long-term commitment to generating optimal profitability in a sustainable manner, Namakor Holdings is the go-to partner for SME owners and managers who seek to ensure the continued success of their businesses. Through its comprehensive business network, Namakor Holdings empowers its portfolio companies to thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.


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