Startup Showcase: nandbox – Empowering Businesses to Create Native Mobile Apps without Coding

Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT.

As technology continues to evolve, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to remain competitive in the fast-changing market. Mobile applications have become an essential tool for companies to engage with their customers, but developing them can be a challenge, especially for those without coding experience. This is where nandbox comes in; a Canadian company based in Kanata, Ontario, that has developed a no-code digital platform for creating native mobile apps.

Nandbox is a pioneer in the commoditization of mobile applications. Established in 2016, the company aims to empower businesses of all sizes to create their own native mobile apps instantly, using only drag & drop. The nandbox digital platform eliminates the need for coding experience or hosting infrastructure. The platform is designed to bridge the gap between business and IT, making it possible for businesses to bring their mobile app ideas to life without relying on outside developers.

No-Code App-Building Platform

The nandbox digital platform offers a no-code app-building experience that is user-friendly and intuitive. Businesses can create their own apps by simply dragging and dropping the desired features and functionality onto the app canvas. The platform includes a wide range of templates, modules, and widgets that businesses can use to create customized, branded apps. The no-code approach saves businesses time and money by eliminating the need to hire developers or outsource app development.

Mobile Apps with Map Tracking, Booking, Commerce, and More

The nandbox digital platform is packed with features that enable businesses to create a wide range of mobile apps. These include messaging apps with audio and video calling capabilities, ride-hailing apps, and even a mix of both. The platform also offers mobile commerce modules, allowing businesses to sell products and services directly through their apps. One of the most exciting features of the nandbox digital platform is its map tracking functionality. Businesses can create apps with real-time map tracking, allowing customers to track deliveries, drivers, or any other location-based information.

Empowering Businesses of All Sizes

Nandbox digital platform is designed to empower businesses of all sizes, from micro-businesses to enterprises and mobile operators. The platform’s drag & drop interface makes it easy for anyone to create a native mobile app, regardless of their technical skill level. Nandbox’s extensive, cloud-based, microservices infrastructure provides high-performance capabilities, scalability, and reliability of 99.999% uptime. This means that businesses can focus on growing their customer base and leave the technical details to nandbox.


nandbox is a game-changer for businesses looking to create their own native mobile apps without coding. The no-code app-building platform, combined with its map tracking, booking, and commerce features, makes nandbox a must-have tool for any business looking to engage with their customers on mobile. With nandbox, businesses of all sizes can compete in the fast-changing market and accelerate their growth.





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