Startup Showcase: Next Decentrum Technologies – Unleashing the Future of Art and Culture

In the latest installment of our Startup Showcase series, we are thrilled to introduce Next Decentrum Technologies Inc., a Vancouver-based startup that’s challenging traditional boundaries and remolding the way we interact with art and culture.

Empowering Users Through Meaningful Digital Interactions

Next Decentrum has pioneered a suite of innovative tools that offer users unique social and cultural experiences. Their products, including,, and, are pushing the envelope of what’s achievable in the realm of digital engagement. is a versatile platform that enables access to iconic art and culture NFTs from the world’s top museums. It’s redefining the way we collect and engage with historical and cultural artefacts, by harnessing the power of blockchain technology. On the other hand, provides an easy-to-use email marketing tool specifically crafted for artists, making it simpler than ever for creatives to connect with their audience. The third product in their portfolio,, is a unique publication that explores the impact of NFTs on art and culture, providing a critical, thought-provoking platform for dialogue and understanding.

Crypto Pharaohs: Where History Meets the Future

In their continuous pursuit of innovation, Next Decentrum has also given birth to the Crypto Pharaohs, the first generative NFT collection of its kind, inspired by the history, life, and legacy of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. This project fuses historical intrigue with cutting-edge technology, creating an alluring amalgamation of past and future that is as educational as it is fascinating.

A Collaborative Approach to a Brighter Future

Next Decentrum firmly believes in the power of collaboration to bring about an ever-evolving future. To this end, they are forging strong partnerships with some of the top museums and artists in North America and across the globe. Their goal? To generate new revenue streams by publishing and protecting iconic artworks and artefacts, and making them more accessible to collectors around the world. This symbiotic relationship not only supports these institutions but also democratizes the access to these treasures.


Next Decentrum Technologies Inc. is undoubtedly a game-changer in the realm of art and culture. They are redefining how we interact with, understand, and appreciate our shared cultural heritage, utilizing technology to build bridges where there were once walls.




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