Startup Showcase: Noze – Advancing Humanity with Digital Scent Detection

Noze, the global leader in digital scent detection, is revolutionizing the world by giving machines the sense of smell. With cutting-edge technology built on a foundation of NASA-patented innovations deployed on the International Space Station, Noze has created the world’s first and only digital nose that can detect, identify, and interpret odors in everyday environments with incredible accuracy. This makes it an invaluable asset across multiple sectors and industries, ranging from medical diagnostics and food manufacture & storage to public safety, air intelligence, and smart consumer electronics.

Digital Olfaction: The Future of Scent Detection

Noze has developed a groundbreaking end-to-end solution that combines a neural network-based AI engine with a state-of-the-art digital olfaction sensor based on exclusive NASA patents. The sensor can decode the environment as a whole, isolating signal from background scent noise and creating a unique ‘scentprint’ for each individual chemical (VOC), chemical mixture, or smell. Meanwhile, the AI engine decodes data from the sensor to identify precisely what is in the air, in what quantity, and how it’s evolving. This continuous real-time analysis enables scent recognition in under a second with unparalleled accuracy.

Applications Across Industries

The applications of digital olfaction are vast and varied. In medical diagnostics, Noze’s technology can detect cancer and other diseases with an accuracy rate of up to 95%. In food manufacturing and storage, it can be used to detect contaminants, spoilage, and other quality issues. In public safety and air intelligence, Noze’s sensors can identify harmful or toxic chemicals and gases, alerting authorities in real-time. In the consumer electronics space, digital olfaction can enhance the user experience, enabling devices to emit pleasant scents or detect and neutralize unpleasant ones.

Integration and Security

Noze’s APIs can be easily integrated with new or existing user interfaces (UIs), providing real-time access to data, analytics, and alerts. All data flows within the platform and its ecosystem are protected by a secure and encrypted communication protocol, ensuring the highest level of privacy and security.


Noze’s mission is to advance humanity by giving machines the sense of smell. With its groundbreaking technology and applications, Noze is well on its way to achieving that goal.





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