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Vancouver-based HR technology startup using AI to help tech companies quickly acquire great developer leads.

Are you a hiring manager struggling to find great developer leads? Are you tired of sifting through countless resumes and LinkedIn profiles, hoping to find the perfect candidate? Look no further than, a Vancouver-based HR Technology focused start-up that leverages AI to help tech companies acquire great developer leads, quickly.

Revolutionizing the Hiring Process

At, we understand the challenges that come with recruiting top-tier talent in today’s competitive job market. With companies vying for the same skill sets, it can be increasingly difficult to identify candidates with the right qualifications and experience. Additionally, it can be challenging to approach these candidates when recruiters don’t know their interests or what they’re currently working on. addresses these challenges by taking a snapshot of the industry and linking potential technical candidates through their social profiles and networks. Our proprietary analytics measure things like the type of code they input on platforms like Github, which helps us determine how well they work on collaborative projects with others. We also analyze social media and Meetup activity to get insights into what type of things candidates are interested in. By using these findings, we rank candidates based on their skills and social influence.

Saving Time, Effort and Money

Our vision is to deliver exceptional value to employers, recruitment agencies, and executive search firms by providing a high level of confidence in their candidate search process. We provide an added level of comprehension and insight on candidate profiles that was not readily available in-house. As a result, we save the recruiter time, effort, and money.

Our team possesses deep experience in technology, management, and recruitment, making us uniquely qualified to deliver the best candidate sourcing experience for recruiters and hiring managers. Our AI-based approach is cutting-edge and provides a competitive advantage to those who use our services.

Connect with

If you’re looking to revolutionize your hiring process, look no further than We’re dedicated to providing exceptional value and making the recruitment process faster, more efficient, and more accurate. Connect with us today and see how we can help your company acquire great developer leads, quickly.





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