Startup Showcase: Oncoustics AI – Revolutionizes Disease Diagnosis with AI and Ultrasound Signals

Welcome to’ Startup Showcase, where we bring you the most innovative and game-changing startups from across Canada. In this edition, we shine a spotlight on Oncoustics AI, a Toronto-based company that is revolutionizing the field of disease diagnosis and treatment monitoring. With their groundbreaking use of artificial intelligence (AI) and raw ultrasound signals, Oncoustics is transforming the landscape of healthcare by providing low-cost, non-invasive solutions to address critical clinical needs.

Unleashing the Power of AI on Ultrasound Signals:

Unlike other players in the industry, Oncoustics AI does not focus on image recognition. Instead, they harness the untapped potential of raw ultrasound signals obtained from readily available handheld ultrasound devices. By applying advanced AI algorithms to these signals, Oncoustics can rapidly differentiate between healthy and diseased tissues, unlocking a wealth of information that goes beyond conventional diagnostic methods.

Pioneering Low-Cost Diagnostics

With their groundbreaking approach, Oncoustics AI aims to make diagnostics more accessible and affordable for patients worldwide. By leveraging raw ultrasound signals, they can identify novel biomarkers that align with existing standards and categorization systems. This enables the development of accurate and reliable diagnostic tools that can be easily integrated into clinical workflows.

Transforming Disease Monitoring

In addition to diagnostics, Oncoustics AI is also dedicated to transforming treatment monitoring. By continuously monitoring changes in tissue characteristics, their technology provides real-time insights into the efficacy of treatments. This enables healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions and tailor therapies to individual patients, improving outcomes and reducing costs.

Targeting Liver Disease and Beyond

Oncoustics AI has initially focused on liver disease, recognizing its significant impact on global healthcare. With a $30 billion diagnostic market, liver disease presents a prime opportunity to make a meaningful difference. Oncoustics has filed a Breakthrough Device Designation Request with the FDA for their OnX device, which detects liver fibrosis, and the 510K process is currently underway. The company is also developing several follow-on liver products. Furthermore, Oncoustics AI has generated clinical data on other organ indications, including prostate, kidney, breast, and thyroid diseases and cancers, expanding their potential impact across various medical fields.


Oncoustics AI is at the forefront of a revolution in disease diagnosis and treatment monitoring. By applying AI to raw ultrasound signals, they are driving innovation in the healthcare industry and providing low-cost, non-invasive solutions to address critical clinical needs. With their focus on liver disease and ongoing development of products for other organ indications, Oncoustics AI is poised to make a significant impact on patient care worldwide.





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