Startup Showcase: OSIMple – Automating Data Entry for Inspectors

Revolutionizing Inspection Processes with OSIMple.

In this edition of, we shine the spotlight on OSIMple, a cutting-edge startup based in Kitchener, Ontario. OSIMple is transforming the inspection industry by automating data entry for inspectors and replacing cumbersome paperwork with intuitive tablet solutions. With their innovative approach, OSIMple is revolutionizing inspection processes, saving valuable time, and optimizing efficiency for professionals in the field.

A Modern Solution to Age-Old Challenges

The traditional inspection process has long relied on stacks of paper and manual data entry, resulting in time-consuming and error-prone workflows. OSIMple recognized the need for a more efficient and streamlined approach. By combining technology and expertise, founders Amanda Chan and Michael Miller have developed an ingenious software solution that simplifies the lives of inspectors.

Simplifying Inspections with Tablets

OSIMple’s software leverages tablets to replace stacks of paper with a digital workflow. Inspectors can easily input data directly into the tablet, eliminating the need for handwritten notes and subsequent data entry. The software automatically generates completed inspection forms, reducing paperwork and allowing inspectors to focus on their core responsibilities.

Bridging the Gap in Civil Engineering

Amanda Chan and Michael Miller initially conceived the idea for OSIMple while conversing with friends and professors in the civil engineering department at their university. Recognizing the labor-intensive and outdated processes followed by bridge inspectors, they set out to develop a software solution that could revolutionize the industry. Their innovation has been successfully implemented across more than 400 bridges to date.

Expanding to New Horizons

Having made a significant impact in the civil engineering sector, OSIMple has recently expanded its services to cater to home inspectors as well. By recognizing the commonalities in inspection processes across various domains, OSIMple aims to provide its time-saving benefits to a wider range of professionals, ensuring efficiency and accuracy throughout the industry.

Unleashing the Power of Automation

At the heart of OSIMple’s success is its robust and user-friendly software. The team behind OSIMple comprises talented self-starters with extensive expertise in software engineering. They are dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer experience by providing fast and reliable customer service. OSIMple’s software has been crafted to automate routine inspection tasks, enabling inspectors to focus on more meaningful and value-added work.

Embracing the Future of Inspections

With its game-changing technology and unwavering commitment, OSIMple is leading the way in automating data entry for inspectors. By simplifying and streamlining the inspection process, OSIMple’s software empowers professionals to work more efficiently, reduce errors, and deliver outstanding results. The team’s vision of revolutionizing inspection processes is turning into a reality, propelling the industry forward.


OSIMple’s remarkable journey in transforming the inspection industry is an inspiration to startups across Canada. By combining their passion for innovation with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by inspectors, founders Amanda Chan and Michael Miller have developed an exceptional solution. With their commitment to automation and customer satisfaction, OSIMple is redefining the future of inspections.


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