Startup Showcase: PronApp – Revolutionizing Language Test Preparation with Cutting-Edge Technology

As the world becomes more interconnected, the need for proficiency in international languages has never been more crucial. However, the cost and accessibility of traditional language test preparation courses can pose significant challenges to many students. That’s where PronApp comes in. This Toronto-based edtech startup is changing the game by offering an innovative and cost-effective solution for pronunciation and fluency practice using cutting-edge speech recognition and machine learning technologies.

The Need for Pronunciation Practice in Online Language Learning

Learning a new language can be challenging, and one of the most significant obstacles is mastering pronunciation. Many online language programs fail to provide adequate feedback on pronunciation, leaving students feeling frustrated and unsure about their progress. PronApp addresses this challenge by using state-of-the-art speech recognition technology that provides immediate feedback on pronunciation accuracy, helping students improve their fluency and confidence.

Personalized Test Preparation and Tutoring

PronApp offers a variety of test preparation courses, including IELTS and TEF practice tests. Users can try several free tests before purchasing a premium package that provides access to a library of tests with varying levels of difficulty. The platform also offers private tutoring time with experienced English teachers to help users achieve their language goals. PronApp’s personalized approach to language learning ensures that students receive the support they need to succeed.

Disrupting Traditional Test Prep Industry

By offering a cost-effective and accessible alternative to traditional language test preparation courses, PronApp is disrupting the industry. The platform’s innovative use of speech recognition and machine learning technologies allows greater access to pronunciation and fluency practice worldwide for those who may not have had access previously due to cost restraints or geographic location. PronApp is democratizing language learning by making it more accessible and affordable for everyone.


PronApp is a revolutionary edtech startup that is transforming the way students prepare for international language exams. By providing cutting-edge speech recognition and machine learning technologies, the platform offers an affordable and accessible alternative to traditional language test preparation courses. With a focus on pronunciation practice and personalized test preparation, PronApp is empowering students worldwide to achieve their language goals.





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