Startup Showcase: Province Brands of Canada Revolutionizes Brewing with Plant-Based Beer

Province Brands of Canada is a cutting-edge beverage technology and branded products company based in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada. With its patent-pending technology, Province Brands of Canada is shaking up the brewing industry by creating a new class of beer made from non-starch plant material, including wood, shrubs, grass, plant waste, and even food waste.

Introducing a Better Class of Beer

For the first time ever, beer can be brewed from non-starch plant material, which means that brewers can experiment with new flavors and make beers from locally sourced materials. The beer made with Province Brands of Canada’s technology is lower in calories, carbs, and gluten-free. It also contains beneficial compounds, including powerful prebiotics, not found in any other beverage.

The technology developed by Province Brands of Canada enables breweries to save up to 20% on their brewing costs and reduce their carbon emissions and waste disposal costs while also making a better quality beer.

Revolutionizing the Brewing Industry

The brewing industry has been using the same process for hundreds of years, but Province Brands of Canada’s innovation is changing the game. With the technology that the company has developed, breweries can save money and reduce their environmental impact while making a better quality beer.

The technology can also be used by cannabis beverage companies to make authentic non-alcoholic fermented beverages brewed directly from the industry’s primary waste stream. This innovation is unique because it stands out among competitors, which need to be “infused” to intoxicate. Functional beverage companies can also benefit from this technology to create great-tasting, gluten-free fermented beverages with beneficial compounds not found elsewhere.

Minimal Expense, Maximum Impact

Province Brands of Canada’s technology is a proven solution that can be put into practice at minimal expense. The innovation is set to change the brewing industry forever and have a positive impact on the environment. The company has a vision to create a better future by bringing innovative solutions to the beverage industry.


Province Brands of Canada’s innovation is a game-changer for the brewing industry. With their patent-pending technology, brewers can experiment with new flavors and make a better quality beer, while saving money and reducing their environmental impact. The technology can also be used by cannabis and functional beverage companies to create unique and high-quality beverages. This is an exciting time for the beverage industry, and Province Brands of Canada is leading the way.





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