Startup Showcase: QEA Tech – Revolutionizing Building Insights with AI and Drone Technology

Unlocking the Secrets of Building Envelopes for Energy Efficiency.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – In today’s era of environmental consciousness and sustainable practices, optimizing energy usage in buildings has become a pressing concern. Enter QEA Tech, a groundbreaking software company that combines the power of artificial intelligence, drone technology, and thermal imaging to provide invaluable insights into the building envelope. In this startup showcase, we explore how QEA Tech is revolutionizing the industry, paving the way for energy-efficient structures and substantial cost savings.

Unveiling the Building Envelope with Advanced Technology

The building envelope, comprising walls, windows, doors, and the roof, plays a crucial role in determining a structure’s energy efficiency. However, identifying and quantifying energy loss or leakage in real-time has long been a challenge. QEA Tech addresses this issue by harnessing the potential of AI, drones, and thermal imaging to create a comprehensive 3D model of the building envelope. This revolutionary approach enables quantifiable data and actionable insights, empowering building owners, architects, and engineers to make informed decisions regarding energy optimization.

The Power of Proprietary Software and Drone Imagery

At the core of QEA Tech’s innovative solution lies their proprietary software, which processes thousands of high-resolution drone images. Each pixel in these images is transformed into quantifiable data, allowing the creation of a comprehensive 3D model of the building. This model is then uploaded to a cloud-based dashboard, providing users with 24/7 access to vital information and actionable insights.

Identifying Energy Gushers with the QEA System

One of the key features of the QEA Tech solution is the QEA System, which identifies energy wastage in a building’s envelope with precision. By calculating Negawatt (NKwh), the system quantifies heat and cool air escaping through walls, windows, doors, and the roof. This information enables users to prioritize repairs, calculate payback periods, and determine return on investment accurately. With the QEA System, building owners and managers can take proactive steps towards reducing energy consumption and optimizing operational costs.

Transforming the Future of Energy Efficiency

QEA Tech’s innovative approach to building envelope analysis has the potential to revolutionize the field of energy efficiency. By leveraging AI, drone technology, and thermal imaging, the company equips stakeholders with actionable insights that lead to substantial cost savings and a reduced carbon footprint. Their comprehensive 3D models and quantifiable data allow for targeted improvements, ensuring that energy wastage is minimized and building performance is maximized.


In a world where sustainability is a global imperative, QEA Tech’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology for building analysis stands out. By uncovering the secrets of building envelopes and providing clear pathways to energy efficiency, QEA Tech is driving positive change in the construction industry.


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